11 October 2018: Homework tonight is to complete the typing of your poem: What my Name Means ( Jazzy Title)also required. Twenty-six lines which must mirror the original on your template. Rough copy and typed copy due tomorrow. MLA heading on work as directed. Vocabulary unit 5 test is tomorrow, and if you are absent you must make up the test on Monday. WE will have no Vocabulary unit next week as there is no School on Friday Oct. 19 due to the Professional day. 

HOMEWORK DUE ON MONDAY OCT. 15- Complete on your paper Exercise 1 and 2  on pages 19 and 20 in the Grammar workbook. DO NOT WRITE IN THE BOOK, do the work on your paper and follow directions please. On page 19 you will need to write the sentence and fill in the blank. All others need only the Verb Phrase and identify as directions tell you. VERB UNIT test is on Tuesday Oct. 16. 

12 October 2018: Those of you who did not execute your typed poems correctly must have them back to me with the one I returned on Monday Oct. 15. Your POE research on his life is due on Oct. 24 as you will be writing your original poem about him in class that day. Make sure you get your short story assignment read as they are not easy to read and you have to go slow and look up words not skip them.  VERB unti test is Tuesday. 

15 October 2018: Homework tonight is to study for VERB unit test posted for the last two weeks. You should be working on your POE project as well. Find your short story, get it read as there will be words you will not know. You cannot skip them, look them up and learn what they mean or willl not know what the story is about. 

OCTOBER 22- you need your Vocabulary book for class. Unit 6 test is Friday Oct. 26. 

Oct 24 is the typed essay for the Patriot Pen essay contest due along with rough draft that will do in class on Oct. 17. 

16 October, 2018: HOMEWORK due on Monday Oct. 22 is: Read in SCOPE on-line the paired text on pages 20-25 and complete the skill set questions provided to you in class today. Vocabulary book to class on Monday Oct. 22 for prepping unit 6 and Unit 6 test is Friday Oct. 26.

17 October 2018: Work on your VFW Patriot Pen essay or other work such as POE project, homework for Monday. Make sure you come to class on Monday with your vocabulary book for Unit 6 prep and skill work in class. Thanks! On your rough draft, skip a line between each sentence as you write for an edit. That is the standard established in August. You have an MLA hand-out on how to type all work so please adhere to those directions. Thanks!