13 August 2018: Take home your important materials to your parents tonight. Check the website daily and always fill out the Agenda book when you enter class. 

15 August 2018: Get your Course Expectations reviewed and signed by Parent as they are due on Friday August 17th. You may return Page 6 only tomorrow! I do not want the entire hand-out returned, you keep it and review it as needed! Thanks!

Due on Monday 20 August is your typed and embellished BIO POEM- follow directions carefully! 

16 August 2018: Homework due on August 23 is your typed four paragraph essay using correct MLA format( on your hand-out). The Prompt is : Write a four paragraph essay from Holling's point of view ( first person) summing up what he learned from reading Shakespeare in seventh grade. Make sure you have an Introduction paragraph with a Hook and two body paragraphs, conclusion paragraph and  a JAZZY TITLE. Use evidence from the book with details from the plays he read and how that lesson applied to his life. Your font is Times or Times New Roman and size 12 only.  We will start the rough draft in class on Friday. 

Due on Friday 8/17 is the signed Course Expectations! Thanks to those of you who brought them back today! smiley