17 September 2018: Homework is to study your Unit 3 Vocabulary tests for the test on Friday! You should be working on your Hispanic Heritage essay as I will be adding to some writing work this week. Get busy! 

18 September 2018: Homework due on Sept. 25 is your Freedoms Foundation Essay. Follow the directions on handout. Entry form must be filled out in black ink. Your rough draft is hand-written and returned with the typed copy and entry form on Tuesday next week. 

Bring your vocabulary book to class on Thursday 20 Sept. We will be working in class on the Unit 1-3 review skills. 

21 September 2018: Homework due on Tuesday is : Your rough draft which is hand-written and your typed essay for the Freedoms Foundation essay contest. This is a test/project grade adn you have had a week to complete.  Make sure you neaty complete in black ink the information requested on the entry form. You do NOT typed a MLA heading on the essay . You will center the Jazy Title at the top of the page. You must double space the lines in the essay using Times or Times New Roman font size 12. On the last page of your essay centered at the bottom of the page please include the word count.  Like so Word count: 500 or whatever you have. It must be 500 minimum and 1000 maximum. The title does not count in the overall word count. 

Paragraph one: You must have a HOOK and a thesis statement which informs the reader what you are writing about. Paragraphs 2, 3 or 4 should address the topic with details that answers the prompt. Your conclusion paragraph is not going to restate the other paragraphs, it should be an additional point you want to make and the last line is a ZINGER!  Write from the heart. think about what we discussed in class. 

Reading comprehension test is Tuesday on : The Mission. You can use your on-line code to review. The skill packet must be finished in class on Monday as you have had many days to complete. 

Sept. 28: Unit 1-3 Vocabulary review test!