18 May 2018: Due on Monday May 21- your rough draft and typed letter to the SCOPE Editor. Please type it correctly or do over and get half credit. 

Date in upper left corner where you would normally put your MLA heading

Double Space


Double space

Indent all three paragraphs from margin and the paragraphs are to be single-spaced so it goes on one sheet of paper.

Double space

Closing on left hand side 

Double space as this is where you sign the letter in ink

Typed name

Due on Tuesday May 22 is your completed skill packets on Saving Wolves in America and yes there is a test on it that day after we check the work. 

Wednesday is fingers crossed viewing of Invictus and treats that you will sign up to bring in on Monday. You will take home your portfolio and journal.

Thursday is the last day and Awards are period 8. Dress nice and look sharp. Appropriate behaviour is expected as this is a dignified event. Any inappropriate behavior will result in you being removed from the awards and taken to administration. DO NOT MAKE THAT MISTAKE! 



17 May  2018: Homework is to review your notes for Exam. Due on Monday May 21 is your typed letter to SCOPE editor and the rough draft.  Due on Tuesdy is your completed skill packet on  Wolves in America. 



10 May 2018: HOMEWORK for Monday is to complete reading Act 5 of As You Like It. Notes on Monday as we get ready for the test on English exam day #2 May 18. You need to turn in your Grammar workbook tomorrow! Do not come in without it please. Remember we are in #167 on May 21 to do the end of year iReady test for Reading! You will not come to #67, you must report to the lab to get going asap! Thanks! Reading comprehension test tomorrow on A Walk on the Moon! 


7 May 2018: HOMEWORK due on Thursday is your completed poem packet and your typed original POEM and entry form. On Friday you must turn in your Grammar workbook to me and your Walk on the Moon skill work should be completed. You will take the reading comprehension test for that story on Friday!  In class we worked to complete Lazy Editor so if you were absent you will need to make up in class as it is a graded assignment. Thanks! The countdown is on-- 13 more days! 


4 May 2018: HOMEWORK DUE FOR WEDNESDAY May 9 is to have completed the reading of Act 4 of As You Like It.  FSA testing on Monday and Tuesday. 


3 May 2018: Homework due on Friday is the reading of Act III in As you Like It. You have the reading comprehension test for Emperor's New Clothes. Your Poetry packet, original poem of 20 lines and Jazzy title with entry form is due on Thursday May 10.  Please plan to take home your Ransom Poetry project on Friday May 4 if you want to keep it. Thanks! 

29 April 2018: Due tomorrow May 1st: your typed letter for a teacher you have this year on blue team and your typed poem affixed to blue T-shirt template. Jazzy it up! Your typed copy of Pine View Poem and About you poem using the Telephone Number technique along with the rough copy done in class is due. Test on Friday May 4 for "Emperor's New Clothes" which is Reading comprehension. We will finish skill work in class this week! 


27 April 2018: HOMEWORK due on Tuesday is to return your edited rough draft of two poems- using the Telephone Number Technique along with the MLA headed typed and corrected poems. Remember your must print the POEM about yourself as it must be cut and pasted on to the BLUE T-Shirt template. Your typed letter in friendly letter format with NO LESS than Three paragraphs comes in on Tuesday so I can assemble and distribute to the teacher you are honoring! Make a good effort- make it special and edit for errors before you print.  Make sure you read closely the assignment in As You like It!  Test on The Emperor's New Clothes is Friday May 4th! WE will complete the skill builders in class! Thanks for a good week! Love you guys!


26 April 2018: Due on Monday April 30 is the completion of Reading assignment in As You Like It: Act 1 Scene 3 and Act II Scenes 1-4. Make sure you have read it. Due on Tuesday May 1 is your typed letter of Appreciation for a teacher on blue team that you have this year. Use the same letter writing format we have used this year to convey your specific appreciation of something that teacher did for you individually and collectively as your instructor! Use the Blue T-shirt template to adhere you PHONE NUMBER POEM about yourself- this can be typed and cut and pasted. You may jazz up the shirt and place the name of the teacher on the blue T-shirt template as I will attach your letters on the back. I will deliver to the teachers on your behalf. I want them to see the good writers you have become this year and to give them a special gift from us for Teacher Appreciation Week- April 30-May 4! See me if you have any questions! 

25 April 2018: Homework tonight is to read carefully Act 1 Scenes 1 and 2 for tomorrow. Use the translation guide to help you understand what is being said and what is going on. 


24 April 2018: Homework tonight is to get the Pre-reading assignment done pages 13-55 in As You Like It! We begin tomorrow! 


23 April 2018: HOMEWORK Due tomorrow- You Write it article typed and signed entry form. Reading comp. test on Phoenix Farm. Your copy of As You Like It was distributed and you must read the pre-read material beginning on page 13 thru to the start of the play for Weds. April 25. You will be setting up your journal and note requirements on Weds. Expect Knowledge checks and pop quizzes on material so please be current and read assignments as required. Your final exam in on the play!

19 April 2018: HOMEWORK FOR 4/23 is to complete your Favorite Sound Poem as per directions on your hand-out. This was reviewed in class and examples provided. Type it as directed in correct format. Center the poem title is size 12 font, double space after the title, single space the lines of poem, after the final line of your original poem, double space and still centered type: By: and your name. Due on 4/24 is your typed "You Write It" article and entry form signed by parent. On 4/24 you will take the Phoenix Farm Reading Comprehension test. You will be completing the Phone Number poems in class and I will provide a due date for them to be typed and returned. 


18 April- no homework until projects are completed for periods 8 and 9. Then you will type up your original poem as directed! 


11 April 2018: homework tonight is to review the story ""The Children Who Escaped the Nazis" for your reading comprehension test tomorrow. You should be collecting your materials needed for the POETRY PROJECT due on April 16 and 17 for periods 3, 5 and 6 and on Weds. April 18 for periods 8 and 9 due to the testing on April 16 and 17 during their class periods. Remember no electronics on testing dates of any kind. Use the bathroom before your report to your assigned location. The testing coordinator will be giving us that information to share with you later this week. Thanks!


9 April 2018: Homework tonight is o finish the classwork skill builders for the Phoenix Farm. You should be collecting your Poetry Project materials for next week- you need mega amounts of words cut from old magazines, flyers etc.  and a brown grocery bag and glue stick! Due on April 16. You will do the project in class. 


3 April 2018: HOMEWORK tonight is to finish your SCOPE assignment and to type up your Haiku submission for the Scholastic book clubs National Haiku poetry contest and return it along with your rough draft class work of five original poems tomorrow. I had provided to you in class the correct set-up for typing. Please adhere to that. Where you would put an MLA heading please typed followed by colon the following:


Grade: 6

School: Pine View School

School Address: One Python Path Osprey, FL 34229

School Phone Number: 941) 486-2001

Teacher: Mrs. Fran Squires, M. Ed.

Then center your Haiku with Jazzy Title. Make sure you begin each line with a capital letter and end with correct punctuation. I will mail them off for you tomorrow! Good luck! There are some good ones and some great ones in the classes! Way to write!

2 April 2018: HOMEWORK due on Weds. April 4 is to read in your new issue of SCOPE: Pages 4-9. This non-fiction piece has many literary elements for non-fiction to work on. Complete all of both packets of skill builders provided today.  Tangerine novel test is Friday April 6. If you were absent today, you will need to make-up the classwork done in Literature book. Reading the Essay: Rattlesnake Hunt by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings and answering the 8 Review and Assess questions on page 522. You can come in at lunch on Tuesday to make-up.  Thanks!

21 March 2018: Homework tonight is to complete the missing classwork. WE completed most of the Synthesis skill in class today and you need to complete the Genre, Charater and Mood skill along with remaining Synthesis work not finished today in class. Due tomorrow 3/22. You can expect to see it on your test Friday. Also, if yo are planning to be out Friday, make sure you come in to take the test on Thursday at lunch and turn in your long-term writing assignment which is the Argumentative Essay in SCOPE with entry form signed by parent. It will not be given full credit after the break and do not email the essay. As per course expectations no emailed work is accepted. You knew it was due a week in advance, hence long-term assignment to complete. Thanks!

20 March 2018: Due on Friday is your typed Argumentative essay for the You Write It Prompt in SCOPE( found of the last page) You need a jazzy title and five paragraphs with all of the components for argument. This prompt is creative and clever, so show me that in your writing and who knows, you might win $25 gift card! You need to get the journal questions completed for Tangerine by Friday. I do not wish to assign work over Spring break, however when you are out and have make-up there is just so much time available to complete the required work in our curriculum. Reading comprehension test on Friday for the paired text "Into the Deep." You will complete the skill work in class for genre, character and others. 

19 March 2018: Due tomorrow is your typed letter with details from text. Reading comprehension test on Blood, Smoke and Freedom. Students began reading the "Into the Deep" play and Informational text on pages 19-24. You do have access to the material on SCOPE website. In class work will focus on Literary elements: Character and Genre. The Reading Comprehension test is Friday March 23. In class today we completed the Lazy Editor work on Pronouns. If you were absent, the work must be made up in class so see me to arrange. You are responsible for completing the reading of Tangerine and therefore subject to assessment on any day. Book test is Friday April 6. 

15 March 2018: HOMEWORK Due on Monday March 19 is the completion of the reading Part 3 of Tangerine. You have been provided with entry forms for the writing components due on 3/20 and 3/23. Reading comprehension test on Tuesday 3/20. You can go on line and review you know. All of the skill work in class should make you well prepared for the assessment. It is my hope not to do any work over break so expect that next week will be busy with homework and classwork. WE wil lhave the Tangerine novel book test after we return from break. I am checking dates and will post next week as the April- May calendar for state testing and iReady is alreay loaded. I anticipate your book test to be on Friday April 6.


13 March 2018: HOMEWORK is to be completing the reading of Tangerine and working on your letter and/or YOU Write it for next week. Do not wait until the night before. I will be adding work assignments later this week. In class today, you were given annotations on Part 1 of Tangerine and time to work on completing the Journal questions. Quarter 3 ends today. 

12 March 2018: You need to have completed the reading of Tangerine Part 3 by Monday March 19. You are accountable for the material so expect unannounced quizzes on the material on any given day. Due on March 20, 2018 is a Reading comp. test on "Blood, Smoke and Freedom," and you will complete the Letter in correct letter format on Page 9 to turn in on that day as well.  Address your letter Dear Cousin. It should have a four paragraph format with the details supported from the article and diary entry. You have a business letter template and you may set up your letter writing as Joseph Plumb Martin.

 Due on March 20, 2018: 2is the You Write It essay which is Argumentative in format five paragraphs, jazzy title, you know the drill. Typed and I will supply and entry form to you. No MLA heading on this one. You have an entry form. 

9 March 2018: HOMEWORK for Monday is to update your What I am Made of Poem previously submitted by doing the following: NO MLA HEADING, Center the Jazzy Title: then double space, POEM Lines single spaced and centered. After the last line of your poem, double space and center type By: Your name and single space directly under your name Grade 6. They will be submitted to Creative Communication for the National Poetry contest on Monday. Thanks! Your reading of thru Part 2 of Tangerine is also due on Monday. Elective Course selection forms are due March 15. Get them in!


8 March 2018: HOMEWORK tonight is to study for your Day 2 Vocabulary book mastery Test. Your Vocabulary book must be turned in tomorrow! Due on Monday March 12 is the completion of Reading Part 2 of Tangerine. Also due on Monday is an updated copy of your original What I am Made of Poem as they were so good, I want to submit them to Creative Communication for the National Poetry contest. I provided to you the details on the board in class, if you did not copy it, you best get it done on Friday. 


7 March 2018: HOMEWORK tonight is to type up your letter to MSD Principal as per the directions on the Business letter format provided to you and instructed in class. Return the handwritten copy as well. Vocabulary Units 1-7 tomorrow. Friday is Units 8-15. Vocabulary books due on Friday. Those of you with overdue library books must turn them in or pay for them. You have been given numerous reminders and that is your responsibility! Thanks! 

5 March 2018: Just a reminder- Your course ELECTIVE selection paperwork is due by March 15 to your 9th period teacher. Do not wait around. The early bird catchs the elective worm! Study for Vocabulary Book test this Thursday adn Friday. You have had plenty of time to prepare! Vocabulary books must be turned in on Friday! Be sure you are reading Part 2 of Tangerine and have completed it by Monday March 12! 

2 March 2018: HOMEWORK FOR MONDAY MARCH 5 is to Turn in your Economic Poster entry! Make sure you follow the directions! If you want to order Scholastic books- bring in your order form and check to Scholastic or cash and I write a check for the order. 

6 March- FSA Writing Assessment during periods 5-6-7. You will be dismissed for lunch as the time goes into 7th just a little. 

8 and 9 March- End of Book Tests for Vocabulary

You should be reading Tangerine to complete Part 2 by March 12. 


28 February 2018: HOMEWORK for those who chose to do the Barnes and Noble essay contest- get it done, typed along with entry form to me on Friday March 2. Ms. Fair will deliver them to the store in Sarasota. Thanks! DO a good job. Vocabulary unit 15 test on Friday. Bring your vocab book and Tangerine to class tomorrow! It has been posted for days! Thanks! 

27 February 2018: You will day 2 of MOCK FSA for Explanatory writing tomorrow Feb. 28. You should be working on your Economics Poster entry due on March 5 and studying for your Vocabulary unit 15 test on Friday March 2. You will need your vocabulary book and Tangerine on Thursday March 1. You must have completed the reading of Part 1 only in Tangerine. You will be doing the written work in journal in class. Quarter 3 ends March 13 so you need to turn work assigned in on time as per course expectations. 


26 February 2018: You have the Economics Poster material with detailsl directions and art paper. This is due on Monday March 5. Study for your Vocabulary unti 15 test this Friday March 2 and complete the skill work in book for the Units 13-15 review. You need to have Part I of Tangerine read by Friday. You will have the MOCK FSA test tomorrow and Weds. this week. Your state test is next Tuesday March 6. Details from the Test coordinator will be provided after Weds this week as we have a training during our plan period. Vocabulary BOOK test is next week. You need to be reviewing. March 13 is the last day of Quarter 1.

23 February 2018: Homework for Monday Feb. 26 is to come with your vocabulary book as we preview unit 15. Your edited and typed final copy along with entry form signed by parent is due on Monday as well. AS posted on the agenda board in class: You must return all 3 components, the handwritten copy( those of you who did not do that have deductions), the proof copy and the final copy. MOCK FSA Writing test is 2/27 and-2/28. It is Explanatory. Vocabulary unit 15 is Friday March 2! If you were absent, we are reading to complete PART 1 of Tangerine pages 1-94. I handed out the first set of questions for pages 1-32. You will be completing in class in your journal. I would be studying and reviewing your vocabulary as the book test is coming. I have already posted those dates. Thanks!

22 February 2018: Study for Vocabulary unit 14 test tomorrow. Bring your copy of Tangerine to class for an assignment. Due on Monday Feb. 26 is your final edited, correctly typed short story and entry form. You will need your vocabulary book on Monday as we prep for Unit 15. I will set the book test dates before March 16, so start preparing. I anticipate the dates to be: Units 1-7 on March 8 and Units 8-15 on March 9. It takes two days to complete the book test. 

21 February 2018: HOMEWORK due tomorrow is your rough and typed short story. Make sure you have Jazzy title, setting, characters, plot, climax. Review your entry form for word count and list your word count on essay. Proofing will require it and save to complete the edit for your final submission. Vocabulary Unit 14 test is Friday. 

2/26- You need your vocab book for Vocabulary Unit 15 preview- test is Friday March 2. I will set the book test before we go out for Spring break and after March 6 FSA Writing test for the State. Your final copy and entry form for your original short story is due on Monday Feb.26. Those of you with overdue library books who have been reminded numerous times, get them turned in! The media needs them back and you must be responsible. Take care of it asap. Do not expect to enter the classroom before bell each day. If you forget something, that is on you. We are in the third quarter of school and you need to be responsible for your work and materials. Thanks! 

20 February 2018: Due tomorrow is your rough copy and typed Argument essay on texting and walking. Make sure you check for all components before printing. Due on Thursday is your rough and typed Short story for PROOF and reading. Vocabulary Unit 14 test is Friday. 

14 February 2018: HOMEWORK tonight is pack your Vocabulary book for class tomorrow. Work on your short story. Your typed copy of the in-class essay is due typed with your rough draft on Weds. Feb. 21 next week. 

13 February 2018: Homework tonight is to have your Secret Tine ready for tomorrow! No excuses and it should be creatively done! Make it special to make someone's day special! Vocabulary book on Thursday for Preview of Unit 14. In class Argumentative essays will be going home to be typed. They must be completed in class first. New novel of Tangerine will be distributed and your first assignment and skill work in journal assigned. MOCK FSA coming next week! 

12 February 2018: HOMEWORK tonight is to study your workbook fo Conjunctions and Interjections test tomorrow. Secret Tine project is due on Wednesday 14 Feb. Bring your Vocabulary book to class on Thursday Feb. 15 as we will preview unit 14 terms for test on Friday Feb. 23. I will be distributing our new novel: Tangerine this week and the work that will be done in journal. We will begin on Thursday and Friday of this week due to Peramathon for grade 6 at 11:50-12:50 and dismissal to lunch on Friday. Since you are working on your Argumentative essay in class, you will be taking home to type later this week. It will be due typed on Friday Feb. 16! 


9 February 2018: Homework for Monday is to have your hand-written rough draft and typed copy of the Explanatory essay with prompt on page 29 of the SCOPE. You can access the magazine on-line as you were provided the code! No vocabulary next week, however the Grammar test on Conjunctions and Interjections is Tuesday. Your Secret Tine homemade card and "luv" gift is due on Weds. 

Details for the CARD: Please be creative. Use a variety of materials to construct the card. You will write an original poem using the information on the sheet you drew about your classmate. It must have a Jazzy title, 12-14 lines and in the format of "What I am Made of" that we did earlier this year. You must think of what your Tine is made of and use the information you received and other things you may know for the poem. It must be typed and adhere it the card. You will sign in ink. Use the colors and details that your Tine shared to make the card special. Woodrow Wilson once said, " Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together." Be a good friend and make an effort on your creatively constructed card and luv gift to make their Valentine day special! This is a project grade. It should be fun, make it so! See me if you have a question on Monday! Thanks!

8 February 2018: Homework is to study for unit 13 Vocabulary test tomorrow and be working on your Explanatory essay due on Monday Feb. 12. Be sure to turn in those Peramathon pledges! No vocabulary unit next week as we have the Peramathon interruption on Friday.  Grammar test on Tuesday Feb. 13 on Conjunctions and Interjections! We will be starting the novel Tangerine next week so you will be working on that on Friday. Reading and journal questions about the sections of the book! 

6 February 2018: Homework due on Thursday is to complete the exercises on pages 41 and 42 in your Grammar workbook on Interjections! Do all exercises. There will be a unit test next week on Conjunctions and Interjections! Vocab. Unit 13 test on Friday- study! Due on Monday Feb. 12 will be the Explanatory essay on page 29 of the new February issue. It is using a paired text which requires text evidence in the support paragraphs. You must turn in hand-written copy and typed copy with MLA heading and correct MLA format. You must demonstrate your knowledge of the components for Explanatory writing. Four paragraphs, Jazzy title, hook, THESIS statement in paragraph 1 which is your introduction. Do not forget your zinger.  FSA Mock writing tests are coming- you must be ready! 


5 February 2018: Homework due tomorrow is to complete the Vocabulary skills on pages 169-173 of Unit 13. Your test is Friday Feb. 9. If you did not do the Grammar homework over the weekend as assigned- complete and turn in for half credit as per course expectations. It was checked in class and answers given. 

2 February 2018: Homework due on Monday is to read and follow directons, and complete the following pages in Grammar workbook: Page 38 Ex. 1 and 2 and Page 40 Ex. 1. You have demonstrated a mastery of coordinating and correlative conjuctions so Drill and Kill! Bring your vocabulary book to class as we preview unit 13 for test on Friday Feb. 9. 


1 February 2018: Homework tonight in your Grammar workbook is to read and follow directions for the Correlative Conjuctions work: Do page 37 Exercise 1 and Page 39 Exercise 1. You need to learn the rules and conjuctions. Study for your Vocabulary unit reivew test 10-12. You have had 2 weeks to prepare. Thanks!


31 January 2018: Homework is to be working on your original short story due on Feb. 22 for the edit and Proofreading in class. The final copy typed and corrected is due Feb. 26 as I have to mail them that day to New York! Vocabulary Unit 10-12 test is Friday--I hope you are studying.

You need your Vocabulary book in class on Monday Feb. 5 and Unit 13 test is Friday Feb. 9!


29 January 2018: Homework is to be prepared for the Greek Myth test. All questions come from the Review and Assess and those answers were provided to you in class. Vocabulary Unit 10-12 Review test is Friday and I suggest that you be studying for that as it is 75 questions on material you have already had. Argument essays handed in when I was out with the flu will be evaluated in class on Weds. I will be distributing the SCOPE Short Story materials due at the end of the month tomorrow. Lots to do! Do not forget to order the Peramathon shirt if you are planning to- less expensive in advance. 

26 January 2018: Homework due on Monday is your hand written copy and typed copy of the Explanatory essay from page 23 in SCOPE. Tuesday 1/30 is the Greek Myths test, Friday 2/2 is the Vocabulary Unit 10,11,12 test. Study! 



24 January 2018: Homework is to study for your Vocabulary Unit 12 test on Friday. Due on Monday is your Explanatory essay typed with Jazzy title, HOOK, Thesis statement from the Prompt on page 23 in your current SCOPE, support paragraphs 2-3 using and citing correct text evidence from both texts, conclude and ZINGER! You will need an MLA heading for this piece which is due in correct MLA format on Monday Jan. 29. You must be ready to do either Argumentative or Explanatory essays on the state FSA Writing test so we have much to prepare for in the weeks ahead. Make a plan before you start to write as we have already done the skill work on this work and you were tested on it. I expect to see well written and supported essays. Thanks! 



22 January 2018: Homework due tomorrow is pages 151-155 in your vocabulary unit 12 skill section. We will test on Review Units 10-12 next Friday. You will take the Greek Myths test on Tuesday Jan. 30. I am working to get all of the material completed last week graded and posted. Be patient. I cannot do it all in one day. As you are aware teachers are also writing EP's that are coming due so we have very little time available to us. It is a lot to do, you have days, and a week to do most assignments so be respectful of that please. Thanks! If you were absent last week or have Missing in Action work, lunch tomorrow is your day to come in and take care of that. 

11 January 2018: DUE tomorrow:  Your Poetry packet completed, your handwritten rough copy and your typed copy of the What I am Made of Original Poem project. If you did not complete the summary sections of the Escape from Alcatraz work, that is due tomorrow as well. Vocabulary unit 11 test is tomorrow. Escape from Alcatraz reading comp. test is tomorrow. 

Study and come in prepared! Have a good evening! 

10 January 2018: Continue to study prepositions and work on your orignal poem due on Friday. Get your entry form signed and ready to submit along with work on Friday. Study for Vocabulary unit 11 test. No vocabulary test next week. No school on Monday so you will have Grammar test on Prepositions on Tuesday and the Sylvia Mendez story test from SCOPE. Thanks for working hard to demonstrate mastery and excellence as we complete the first week of the new quarter.


9 January 2018: Homework tonight and due tomorrow is to complete the following pages and exercises in your Grammar workbook on Prepositions: Page 35 Ex. 1 and Page 36 Ex. 1 and 2. 

Homework due on Friday is your typed: What I am Made of Original Poems. Do not type an MLA heading as you will have an entry form and make sure you adhere to MLA format for poems. You need a jazzy title and center the poem and use punctuation. Your name will appear at the end of the poem so it a double space and center your name. Due 1/12. See me for any questions.

On Friday you will also take the reading comp. test on" Escape from Alcatraz" following the vocab test. You will have only 8 questions as always and the your skill packet is your preparation. You can also access the story on line. You have the code and that prevents you leaving your SCOPE issue at home or losing it. 

8 January 2018: Homework tonight is to complete pages 141-145 in your vocabulary book for unit 11 skills. The test is Friday and we previewed the material today in class. In class today we also worked on the Non-fiction story in SCOPE: Escape from Alcatraz. The skill packet using non-fiction terms will be completed in class this week. You will be having reading comp. tests on several of the stories next Tuesday Jan. 16. We have no school on Monday due to Martin Luther King Day observance. 

15 December 2017: Report to Bldg. 16 Room 167 on Monday for iReady. Make sure you have a book to read in case you finish before time is called. WE also report on Tuesday to the same location as iReady mid-year tests are a two day assessment. Treat donations are due on Weds. Dec. 20. 

In class today, some periods viewed "The Children's March and those who saw it yesterday worked on writing Original Quotes for Embracing Our Differences. Missing in Action skill work that accompanies the SCOPE reading assignments are also to be completed in class. We will work to accomplish that by the last day of Dec. 21. 

13 December 2017: NO HOMEWORK tonight. All work to be completed in class at this time. Subject to change however. You should document that your Vocabulary book is needed on Jan. 8, 2018 as we preview Unit 11 for the test on Friday Jan. 12, 2018! Six more days to go. IReady testing on 12/18 and 12/19 in LAB 167 in Bldg. 16. You will not report to class- go directly to the lab!  Thanks!

11 December 2017: Due tomorrow is your typed copyand rough copy of the Explanatory essay on page 27 in SCOPE for What We Saw and your 300 word essay for the Elks Essay contest. They prompt is your title centered with no MLA heading- you have an entry form. Do not type a heading on your SCOPE essay as you have an entry form. I provided you with yet another copy of HOW TO TYPE your work in MLA Format to go by. Please adhere to that. Thanks! 



8 December 2017: If you were absent today, you must make up the test on Monday and you must read the work assigned in SCOPE on pages 16-23. You received the Core Skill workout packet yesterday and we will be completing in class next week. You have the code to log on to the SCOPE website so be responsible and do just that. Midterm day 2 is Monday on Paperboy.  On Tuesday we will view the The Children's March and begin work on Embracing our Differences! 

7 December 2017: HOMEWORK is to study more for the Vocabulary Unit 7-9 test tomorrow. Due on Tuesday Dec. 13 is your typed copies of the Elks Essay and the Page 27 SCOPE essay on What we Saw. The rough draft copy must be returned with the typed work in MLA format. Refer to your hand-out on how to do that correctly or lose big points. NO heading on Elks Essay. Center the title and indent all paragraphs. We will fill out the entry form in class and I will submit them. No MLA heading on SCOPE essay as you have an entry form and parent must sign it. Please adhere to the directions.


6 December 2017: Study for your Vocabulary unit 7-9 test on Friday. Due on Tuesday Dec. 13 is your typed 300 word Elks essay and your four paragraph with jazzy title and signed entry form. Paperboy novel test is Monday Dec. 11. 


5 December 2017: HOMEWORK due on Tuesday Dec. 5 includes: Your typed four paragraph essay with Jazzy title in MLA format on the prompt you chose for Paperboy. The Grammar unit test on Adjectives and Adverbs and you must have both permission to view video forms signed by parent and returned tomorrow or you will not be viewing with the class period! I also need a BABY picture of you under the age of Two years old. It will not be harmed, just bring it in. Thanks! 

Mid-term test on Friday- Units 7-9 Vocabulary Unit review test. On Monday Dec. 11th you have the Paperboy book test. 


30 November 2017: Unit 10 test tomorrow and your DAR research essay is also due.

Dec. 5- Paperboy Essay due and Grammar Unit test on Adjectives and Adverbs.

Dec. 8- Day one of mid-terms and your will take the Vocabulary unit test for 7-9. Dec. 11 is the book test for Paperboy.

29 November 2017: HOMEWORK is to do page 27 Exercise 1 and Page 28 Exercises 1 and 2 in your Grammar workbook on Possessive Adjectives.  Unit test is next week- Tuesday.  Study for the Vocabulary unit 10 test and get that essay ready to go. 

Due on 12/5- Paperboy essay and Grammar Unit test on Adjectives and Adverbs


28 November 2017: Homework is to study for Vocabulary unit 10 test this Friday. You should be putting the final touches on your Research paper for the 1000 word DAR essay. Make sure you follow the directions on the title page and the Bibliography pages. They are typed seperately from your essay!  You should be studying the grammar rules for the Adjectives and Adverb unit as we will have the unit test before the break.  Use the workbook to study! 



16 November 2017: HOMEWORK is to study for your Unit 9 vocabulary test tomorrow and study the key concepts and rules for Adjectives in grammar workbook. Bring your Springboard text to class tomorrow- Friday to complete more of the classwork. Those of you who showed up without your book today, need to catch-up! You will have an assignment following the test!

Due on Monday Nov. 20 is the completed Economics Calendar Art Project. Make sure you follow directions. Cut out the entry form and tape only to the back of your work. I will do the rest once they are checked in. This could be big points if you do them creatively and with excellence! 

Nov. 27: Unit 10 Vocabulary Preview- bring your book to class. Dec. 1 your DAR research paper is due and Vocabulary Unit 10 test. 

ELA Midterms exam days are Dec. 8 which will be your Unit 7-9 Vocabulary unit test and Dec. 11 which will be the book test for Paperboy. The work in the journals has covered all of the important information of the book. You are responsible for knowing what you read. Journals are due Nov. 30. 


14 November 2017: Homework to make sure you are studying both the grammar rules for Adjectives in your work book that mirrors our textbook. Vocab. skills on pages 113-117 due tomorrow.  You will need Springboard text in class on Thursday. Keep up with that book--it is expensive if you lose it. Thanks!

13 November 2017: HOMEWORK tonight is pages 21, 22 and 23 in your Grammar workbook on Adjectives. Do only Exercise one on each page and only the EVEN numbered items for Ex. 1. Do not write in the book, write on your own paper and make sure you have a correct MLA heading. Homework due on Wed. Nov. 15 is the completion of grammar skills on pages 113-117 for unit 9 vocabulary terms. Unit 9 test is Friday.

Due on Nov. 30 is the Journal work for Paperboy. Due on Dec. 5 is your Paperboy essay and you have the handout with directions. It is typed in MLA format as per directions on hand-out. Paperboy BOOK test will be Dec. 8 which is the first day of Midterms for ELA. Please plan accordingly. 

Dec. 1 your Research essay for the DAR essay is due. 


10 November 2017: Homework for Monday is to come to class prepared with your Vocabulary book as we preview Unit 9. Bring your Springboard text to class on Tuesday Nov. 14! We will be starting the Grammar unit on Adjectives and Adverbs next week, get ready to "drill and kill." 


9 November 2017: Homework is to study for Vocabulary unit 8 test tomorrow. You should be starting the research work for the DAR essay! 


 8 November 2017: HOMEWORK due tomorrow is the reading assigned in SCOPE and the completion of the skill packet. Vocabulary Unit test 8 is Friday. Unit 9 Vocabulary prep is Monday Nov. 13 and Unit 9 test is Nov. 17. The DAR Research Essay information distributed today is due on Dec. 1st and the word count should be 1000 words. You are in Advanced level ELA and will need every single word as much research with notes and citations are required for this narrative essay. More discussion in class will focus on what you need to do to execute this assignment correctly. 



6 November 2017: Homework tonight is to complete pages 103-107 on Vocabulary skills for Unit 8. It is due tomorrow. Also you should be studying nightly for test on Unit 8 this Friday. You have a Reading assignment in SCOPE October issue on pages 12-17: "The History of Teeth" and "Where Are All the Dentists?" Complete the skills packet for Thursday Nov. 9.  Book orders for Scholastic are due on Weds. Nov. 8th. There are some great reads: Wishtree, Fuzzy Mud and Paper Things I highly recommend!  Some great Christmas gift ideas as well. It will be here soon! 



3 November 2017: HOMEWORK due on Monday Nov. 6 is to bring in your completed SCAVENGER HUNT work in preparation for the Argument writing work. Read on- line the Assignment on pages 26-27  of the October Issue: "Should Fidget Spinners be Allowed at School?"  you were  provided with the CODE in class to go to the on-line site for Scope. I will not post that code online. Log in at Scope.scholastic.com and click student. Enter the class code and select the October issue. Read the pages assigned 26-27. WE will begin work on the template as you prepare to write an argument essay on Monday. This is the FSA Writing preparation. 

Bring your Vocabulary book to class as we Preview Unit 8 terms. You are responsible for completing the reading of Paperboy. I have allocated much class time for you to complete, now we are facing the deadline for both journal questions and novel test and essay. I will provide to you the due dates for all after my English dept. meeting on Tuesday when we have definitive dates for exam week.  



1 November 2017: If you are behind on reading Paperboy, then it is your responsibility to get it read outside of class. Much time has been afforded to you in class, and it is quickly going away. Unit 8 Vocabulary Pre-view on Monday Nov. 6 and test on Friday Nov. 10. Come to class prepared with your vocabulary book! We begin argument writing work next week! 


30 October 2017: Due on Tuesday Oct. 31 is your Poe Project and typed Objective summary. Make sure you write in your own words, plagerizing is an automatic zero. I expect that in one month you have completed the assigned task and can both present your project to the class and answer questions posed. Ms. Fair will be joining us during the day to view projects. On Weds. I will be handing out the required information for the Paperboy essay and  providing additional journal questions to you for the remaining chapters. WE will devote the remaining days this week to completion of the novel and work to complete the journals. There is no Vocabulary unit this week- next week we do Unit 8 on Monday Nov. 6. Test is Friday Nov. 10.



25 October 2017: HOMEWORK is to get ready for picture day. If you are behind on your POE project-get busy as OCT. 31st is coming quickly! Unit 7 Vocabulary test is Friday. NO Vocabulary unit next week. WE will resume on Nov. 6 with Unit 8 and Unit 8 test is Nov. 10th. WE will be doing Poe's " The Black Cat" on Monday in class and you will be working to complete Paperboy reading and journaling next week. Those who are behind need to get a copy of the book from media or elsewhere as class time will expire as you have been afforded much time to complete posted deadlines. I will be handing out the essay requirements for Paperboy and the next set of questions next week. Expect this train of excellence to be picking up speed. You must stay organized and current with work. 


24 October 2017: Homework tonight is to finish your VFW Patriot Pen essay as assigned using the MLA format to type. If you put it off until tonight, I doubt if you will be happy with your grade. Unit 7 test is Friday. NO VOCABULARY UNIT next week. We have POE DAY On 10/31 and Paperboy work to complete. I will be handing out additional assignments later this week. 

23 October 2017: homework tonight is to complete the vocabulary skills on pages 93-97. Unit 4, 5,6 Review test is tomorrow and you have had 2 weeks to prepare. VFW essay is due on Oct. 25, remember to bring it in tomorrow and I am happy to review it while you are taking your vocab. test. 

Oct. 27 is Vocabulary Unit 7 test. NO vocabulary test next week. Oct. 30- Nov. 3. WE will resume Unit 8 on Nov.6. Your book should be brought to class on that day. Unit 8 test will be on Friday Nov. 10. 

It is your responsibility to copy the agenda board posted assignments daily in class. Copy them as I write them. Coming to class unprepared is not acceptable. 

19 October 2017: Please note the change of date for Monsters test. Moved to Monday Oct. 23. Your VFW essay is due typed in MLA format, no name or heading, center the title and four paragraphs indented , double space and correct font: Times or Times New Roman. Your required word count is 400 words. This is a test/project grade. If you do not want me to submit your work to the local VFW post for judging, I am happy to honor that. You will be missing a great opportunity if you read all of the information carefully. One of you could be the national winner with diligence and effort. 

18 October 2017: Homework is to be studying for the Vocabulary Units 4,5,6 Review test.  If you did not finish your 7 questions in class today for Monsters, you must report during lunch to complete tomorrow. We will be reviewing all of the material in class and preparing for the reading comprehension test on Friday. This work is like the FSA- you have to read material and answer questions about it-  I will be handing out the Patriot Pen essay assignment due next Weds. Oct. 25. You will write and type at home. I will go over exactly what you need to do and you will have a hand-out to follow. This is an outstanding opportunity and my students have been recognized each year for outstanding essays by the VFW posts in Sarasota. Money is awarded and we are fortunate to participate. Get ready!

17 October 2017: Homework tonight is to complete the Unit 4, 5, 6 review skills in vocabulary book on pages 80-83, 85-87.  We will check in class tomorrow Oct. 18. Make sure you come to class prepared. Unit review test is Tuesday Oct. 24. 

Vocabulary book to class on Monday Oct. 23, Unit 7 preview and Unit 7 test is Friday Oct. 27.

Poe projects are due on Oct. 31. By now, you should have selected the work you will read and create your project from. Reading Poe takes time so be diligent. 



12 October 2017:

Homework tonight is to study for the Unit 6 vocabulary test

Homework due on Tuesday is to prepare for the reading comprehension tests on The Monkey's Paw and Hercules the Mighty. If you did not copy the agenda which has been posted all week, be responsible and do that each day!  We will not do a new Vocabulary unit next week as we will do the Units 4-6 review skills in class so bring in your book on Tuesday as assigned. I will let you know after I see grades from Unit 6 if we will do the Unit 4,5,6 test. 


11 Oct. 2017


- Homework tonight is to finish your SCOPE packet of skill builders for The Monkey's Paw. All 6 are due tomorrow Oct. 12 for checking at the beginning of the period. You have had time in class and for those of you not finished, you must complete. Reading comprehension test on The Monkey's Paw and The Mighty Hercules on Tuesday Oct. 17. Study for Vocabulary Unit 6 test. 




Homework for Oct. 17 is to bring your vocabulary book to class.  You should be working on your POE project. Do not wait until the last minute or your grade will reflect your lack of effort! 



Homework due on Oct. 10 is to complete the vocabulary skill pages 75-79 for Unit 6. You should have been reviewing and learning the rules for VERBS as the unit test is tomorrow. 

In class work to finish the Monkey's Paw skill builders using literary elements. Three additional skills today, Character work and Critical thinking. All class work for a grade must be done in class. Do not remove the work and take it home as a consequence will result. 



HOMEWORK for Oct.9, 2017- you need to bring your vocabulary book to class for Unit 6 preview. YOU should be studying fof the Verb Unit test on Tuesday Oct. 10. Expect the same format as the Noun Unit test. You are responsible for knowing all of the components covered in class: Action verbs, linking verbs, Helping verbs, verb phrase, distinguishing between verbs used as a linking verb or action verb. You workbook as all key concepts and practice exercises like the text.  Be diligent as you review. 

Vocabulary Unit 5 test is Friday Oct. 6.

Vocabulary Unit 6 test is Friday Oct. 13.

Coming soon- Edgar Allan Poe day projects for October 31, 2017!

Quarter 1 ends Oct. 13. Time is flying by. If you ar absent, you must make-up work within allotted time. See me to schedule! I cannot be available every day at lunch, but I will do my best for you. The next few weeks are going to be very busy as we have a lot to catch-up. Thanks for working diligently to meet the standards of excellence.

HOMEWORK for Friday is to type up your YOU WRITE IT passage using MLA format with only a Jazzy title centered. No heading as you have an entry form that identifies you. You must have your parent signature in order for me to submit it. You may be the winner of a $25 Visa card if your descriptors wow the editors! Return the typed copy and rough draft on Friday Sept 29.  See me if you have any questions as all was covered and worked on in class.

HOMEWORK for Monday Oct. 2 is to bring your vocabulary book to class. Unit 5 Preview and Unit 5 test on Friday Oct. 6. Please return your parent letters in envelope asap- Monday is good by Oct. 5 is required! 

Homework due on Weds. Oct 4 is to complete the following assignment in your Grammar workbook on Verbs:

Page 16 Exercise 1 and 2, Page 17 Exercise 1 and Page 18 Exercise 1. Follow directions: Identify means write it down not write the sentence. Do not write in the workbook or copy pages. You need to complete the work on your own paper with an MLA heading. Verb test is Oct. 10.

POE DAY project information distributed, reviewed in class. Start perusing POE work to find your selection. I will share some samples in class. 


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