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Welcome Sixth Graders!

By now you are making the final preparations for the start-up of the 2018-19 school year! The bell tolls on Monday August 13 and I am so looking forward to meeting all of you. I have had a busy teacher week with meetings and work in the room to make ready for our year together. I hope you enjoyed reading the summer work of: The Wednesday War by Gary Schmidt! We will be doing several activities on this book so come prepared to discuss and write about it! On Monday you will need your one inch clear view binder for the set-up of Writing Portfolios. This will remain in class all year so you will not need to carry it. Make sure you have the supplies needed and the donation check of $30 for Vocabulary text, and SCOPE magazine, and Shakespeare's As you Like It play which we will be doing 4th quarter. You will get all of the materials you need including Agenda books in your homeroom which is period 3. Make sure you get a good night's sleep, eat a good breakfast as it is a long time until lunch at 1:00 and come with a smile and a positive attitude as that will make your day and mine a pleasure. Next week is the easiest week as we are preparing you to start Advanced Level Language Arts. After that, we roll into a curriculum that is full of challenge and promise,  Middle School is very different from elementary school--you are in the big league now! You will do great and we are here to help you achieve excellence! Have a fun-filled last few days of your summer break! Let's make it a "FLAMAZING" year!

9 August 2018: It is so hot and we are so tired, but also so excited to meet you on Monday! Please remember that no students are allowed back at the Portable classroom area until dismissed at bell. Do not line up on the ramp to my room. Stay on the sidewalk and I will let you in. If we experience bad weather, the principal makes the decision to release early to class. I would advise having an collapsible umbrella or rain poncho in your backpack as we are not under cover and it is no fun to sit wet or have your items soaked. Plan accordingly and always check the weather for the day. Remember we follow school board policy: No cell phones, they must be off and stowed away. Thanks! WE will be working on many things next week so expect to be engaged each day.  Enjoy your last weekend! I am so eager to meet you and be your teacher this year! Let's make it a great year by working hard and being nice to people. We will have new to Pine View Students so help each other and be considerate if you see someone who may be lost or confused. YOUR kindness will be appreciated!  See you soon...


Parents: If you have not already done so, please sign up for Remind.com@pineviewsc to 81010 (standard text rates apply) It is a free service and it is one of the ways schools send important messages to homes of the families of our students. 

It you are a new to Pine View Family, please join the PVA by registering at: join.myschoolanywhere.com Invitation code: joinpva. Once you have had a chance to verify your family information, you'll receive an email with login credentials and instructions to access the system. Thanks for your support! 

Save the date: OPEN HOUSE FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL IS THURSDAY AUGUST 23. More information to come! heart

14 August 2018: Well, it was a good first day of school and we all survived the heat and moving class to class in a timely manner! Well done new 6th graders! In class today you received the directions for first homework project due on Monday August 20. Please adhere to the directions! Also we took the first formative assessment in Grammar today and more to come. You will receive the course expectations tomorrow and the signature page will be due on Friday August 17. If you did not bring in the needed classroom supplies especially paper and One inch clear view binder that serves as your Portfolio, please do so as soon as possible. Thanks to all who sent in donations for materials. Your generous support is greatly appreciated!  Please review carefully all of the materials sent home yesterday. We try to keep you well informed. I am grateful to those of you who offered support to me and my classroom needs. I will be in touch. Thanks so much! 

15 August 2018: Today in class we reviewed and annotated important things on the Course Expectations for ELA. Parents please read and review with your child and sign and return by Friday August 17. Thanks! We also checked the Grammar Diagnostic for Nouns/Pronouns in class and I believe most students were relieved that it is a non-graded exercise. Lots to learn in the first Grammar unit!  Students attended a Forum with Dr. Covert today during period 4 so ask them what it entailed and what they learned. WE are half-way thru the week and doing great! I love my new crop of kids and they have been engaged, respectful and sweet! Thanks parents for sending me such well-mannered students. A rreminder that your BIO POEM is due on Monday so jazz it up and follow directions! I am excited to see the artistic and creative products from my new students. We will be picking up the pace next week, so expect more to do as we delve into The Wednesday Wars !

16 August 2018:  In class today, students were provided with the first copy of the SCOPE magazine which will be used in class as we work thru writing and reading skills. The prompt for the Wednesday Wars essay was provided and it is due on Thursday August 23rd. We did a quick review of the novel beginning with 12 questions from September chapter. I hope to see improvement as we go on demonstrating knowledge of the novel read over summer. We will work on October questions tomorrow and begin work on essay. Details under HOMEWORK section on website. Thanks for sending in the donation money for supplies- I am grateful as is the school. I cannot believe we are almost finished with the first week of school!  It has flown by for sure. I am ready for the weekend! Everyone is doing great, learning the ropes and such a pleasure to have in class. It is going to be a great year!

17 August 2018: Happy Friday! It was a good start to the school year and we are already down one week! Thanks to all of your for doing your best each day! In class today we did novel questions and answers for October in The Wednesday Wars! I shared exlempars for the upcoming essay due on 23 August. Students have the prompt and the MLA hand-out with directions on how to type up work correctly!  I reviewed all with the students so you have plenty of time to complete the rough draft, type it up and return to me on Thursday next week. The hand-written rough draft must be turned in!  Your BIO POEMS are due on Monday Aug. 20. Looking forward to seeing them! Have a great weekend and see you on Monday! 

20 August 2018: BIO Poems were due today and it was disappointing to see a lack of effort on the first project. You must follow directions and check the website under homework. Due on Thursday is your essay. 

In class today, students read the first non-fiction story: " Island of Sorrow" and had a Read-Think-Explain skill activity to complete for reading comprehension and to demonstate knowledge of non-fiction literary terms. A hand-out of Non-fiction terms defined was provided as a reference material to use in portfolio. After we work through the skill pages, a test for Reading Comprehension will be given. 

OPEN HOUSE Is Thursday and information will be coming home about the schedule for the evening!  Our Vocabulary books have not arrived as we would be starting the Unit 1 Terms today, so if they come today, I will start that tomorrow and if not, we will begin next week!