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Here is the word- Squires' Stars-

17 September 2018: In class today students completed the Unit 3 Vocabulary terms prep with annotations and skill work completed. If you were absent, you will complete on your own. Test is Friday so work on five words a night to attain mastery. The 50 word Economic  advice was due and if you have  convention errors and it was not typed as directed expect a deduction in the grade. You had plenty of time to do this work and we are about excellence so turn that around. WE completed some of the skill work for "The Mission" in class and you must complete the remaining work in class. We will be coming back to The Paperboy on Wednesday for reading and beginning the Journal questions. I will teach you how to do the TLQ writing for answering questions about what you read. Many competitive writing opportunities are coming up. You should be getting your Hispanic Heritage Essay done. I will be calling on you to tell me who you are writing about and what you have accomplished thus far. Today is Constitution Day! 

Book orders have shipped so we should get them this week! :) Tomorrow we will be doing some in class writing for "Embracing our Differences" quotes, and I will distribute the upcoming essay from Freedoms Foundation on the third point in the Bill of Rights: "Why might helping others be an important component of responsible citizenship?" This is a national essay contest and it certainly fits with our school mission statement of community service and "sharing our gifts."  I will be going over all of the requirements in class and providing the hand-out for your Explanatory essay. 

18 September 2018: In class today, students worked on creating 5 original quotes to select one for entry to the Embracing our Differences International Art and Quote Exhibition in downtown Sarasota. I also provided the Freedoms Foundation essay information which is due next Tuesday Sept. 25. Please fill out the entry form in ink, no MLA heading on typed essay. Center the title( a Jazzy Title) and indent paragraphs with double spacing and size 12 Times, Times new Roman font. 500-1000 words. Adhere to the quote. I will be continuing to review in class. Get started on writing as the handwritten rough draft comes in with typed copy. Tomorrow we return to Paperboy and how to answer the Journal questions using TLQ. Bring your vocabulary book to class on Thursday for the Unit 1-3 review skill work. 

19 September 2018: In class today, students continued reading the novel Paperboy as we work to complete thru Chapter 7. The first set of Journal questions will focus on chapters 1-7. Remember to bring your vocabulary book to class tomorrow for Unit 1-3 skill work and review. I will let you know if we will be doing a Unit 1-3 test before going to Unit 4. I am reviewing all classes for Mastery scores of the first units before I set the test date. You should be working on the Freedoms Foundation and the HIspanic Heritage essay due on Oct. 10. 

Thanks to my Period 3 class for compliance this morning as we completed the Code Red drill for lockdown in the event we have an intruder on campus. For all of our safety, it is important to know what to do and hopefully we never have to experience this. You did a great job and that helps me keep you safe! 

20 September 2018: In class today students worked on idioms, denotation and connotaion, root words and skill application of the vocabulary terms from Units 1-3. We installed in the journal the first set of questions for Paperboy and will begin the work on those using TLQ on Monday. Do not bring your vocabulary book to class on Monday as we are NOT doing a new unit. You will take the 75 question Unit 1-3 Review test on Friday Sept. 28.  You have the Unit 3 test tomorrow and I will review the components on your handout for the Freedoms Foundation Essay due on Tuesday next week. 

Congrats to my September Students of the Month: Aiden N., Lindsey L. Kailei C., Rayna P., Kalyn W., Stephen F., Gentry G., Alexandria K., Oleg F., and Crystal V.,  Congrats to all! I am so proud to be your teacher! 

21 September 2018: Happy Friday! A busy week and the completion of Unit 3 test today. Remaining time was to work on completion of the skill packet for The Mission as your test is Tuesday.  Please see the homewok page to use the reminders for your essay due on Tuesday. You have had a week so I expect to see all components completed as directed. You must turn in your hand-written rough draft and typed copy with entry form. You have only a couple of weeks left to complete the Hispanic Heritage essay so get busy. I know that many of you have been diligent and those of you who have not even started cannot expect to earn a good grade by executing a poorly researched and written essay. This is for a chance to win a four year pre-paid college scholarship to any school in Florida! That is an awesome opportunity for a middle school kid. Make an effort! 

Book orders arrived and there are some great reads. If you did not find something in the September order, October is coming!  Have a great weekend! Thanks for working hard to achieve excellence and for being so respectful and sweet to your teacher(s).