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Here is the word- Squires' Stars-

12 November 2018: Happy Veteran's Day and a special thanks to all of the men and women who served our country and to those who are still serving-our love and prayers go with you! We enjoyed the Veteran's day parade this morning and cheering for our special guests as they headed from the breakfast to the Gym for the program. 

In class I previewed the Unit 8 vocabulary terms and students completed the skill work on pages 100-107 to prepare for the test on Friday Nov. 16. If you are out or have a passport, you must do the test the day before at lunch. Come in and take it and you are done. WE will resume the Vocabulary Unit 9 lesson upon return from Thanksgiving break on Nov.26 and the test will be Nov.30. Homework for Thursday is to complete the Literary elements skill packet on Close Reading and Critical thinking as there are 11 total questions which must be answered in a completed sentence on the prior reading of " Thirteen and a Half" on pages 22-27 and the Poem on page 27. You were provided the Poetry Analysis work which we will do in class. Tomorrow is PAPERBOY novel test and your journal questions are due! You have had way over the amount of time to complete so I expect to see well constructed answers in TLQ format! If you have not turned in your pledges for the Peramathon, please get them in asap! 

Six days until Thanksgiving Break! Yahoo! Turkey here we come! 

13 November 2018: Students completed the Paperboy novel test today and the Journals with questions using TLQ format were also due. Going forward this week, we will be working on Grammar tomorrow with the Adjective and Adverb unit, Thursday your questions for "Thirteen and A Half" are due. Be prepared for other work on this literary piece. Friday is Unit 8 test and reading in SCOPE with skill work to be completed as well. I am providing to you on Friday a writing assignment for Monday called PIEKU! You will be composing five original haiku poems about PIE which is a staple on most Thanksgiving dinner tables. If you want to volunteer some pie donations for Monday Nov. 19, send them in and we can eat pie and share PIEKU as well. Such a fun way to work on haiku writing and celebrate the upcoming day of Thanksgiving! 

A special thanks to the Fancher family for donating Cardstock for my classes to use to create Economics Calendar entries next week. This will be a test/project grade and will be started in class and completed at home due on Tuesday Nov. 27. I will go over all requirements as this is a part of upcoming work on Economics in Springboard and our grammar text on how to write Ads. I know there is amazing talent in my classes so who will have their design selected by the Florida Council on Economic Education for the annual Calendar contest? 

14 November 2018: Students began the Adjective/Adverb unit today working specifically on identifying adjectives, definite and indefinite articles and proper adjectives and how to modify them in context. A class work of three exercises indicates that you will need to use your Grammar workbook and learn the rules! Homework due tomorrow from SCOPE article- Critical thinking and Close reading questions from "Thirteen and a Half." Vocabulary unit 8 test is Friday. After my lunch meeting today with Grade 6 ELA teachers, I will announce what will be assessed on Exam days of Dec. 7 and 10. You need to be completing your DAR essay as it is due Nov. 29. I know some of you are in good shape with the required research for this essay of 1000 words and written in first person. You will use the template I provided to you to make the title page. You must have a BIBLIOGRAPHY page seperate from the essay with your sources correctly cited. A well written essay takes time and you cannot throw together something last minute. This is a big project grade so I expect your best work! 

15 November 2018: In class today students worked in pairs to complete the Poetry analysis work for the Paired text POEM: Turning Ten by Billy Collins. We checked in the homework and I would like to see you follow directions by answering in complete sentences and addressing all of the parts of the questions from the reading. I am working my way through the grading of multiple items: tests, projects and going as fast as I can. I hope to have all posted by next week before you leave for Thanksgiving break! Homework tonight is to study for Vocabulary unit 8 test tomorrow. If you are out on Passport- you are responsible for work we will be doing in class next week and it is being provided in advance. If you are traveling, be safe. Loving the cooler temps. arriving--hello soup for dinner! WE can eat it without passing out from the heat! Ha!