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Here is the word- Squires' Stars-

10 December 2018: Day 2 of ELA Exams and you had to complete the literary elements and grammar unit on Adjectives and Adverbs! If you were absent you will need to make-up upon return. In class following the tests, students worked on class work in SCOPE to complete the skill work on The Gift of the Magi and the Informational text. The new skill is on Inference. 

A reminder that your typed 300 word Americanism essay along with the rough copy written in class is due tomorrow. We will fill out the entry form in class and I will submit it for you. Make sure you have all components to get credit. 

Congrats to Madilyn Hagney who was selected as the winner of the DAR essay! Way to write girl! We are so very proud of you. Congrats to Shelby and Sidney Braun who had their two paragraphs selected for publication in the MATCH on bravery! I would also like to recognize Jack Scarlett on his tennis talent and he was featured in the MATCH as well. Blue team rocks! 

Eight more days and counting...

Video and refreshments on Dec. 19th! It will be a very special day and cool way to end the quarter and 2018. 

11 December 2018: In class today students have new seat assignments as we prepare to complete this quarter. Elks essay due today for submission as it was written in class and typed at home. WE filled out the entry form in class and I will take care of submissions! Some really good ones so hopefully we will run the boards again this year and win all three places! 

Today students read and listened to Truman Capote's A Christmas Memory as we work on notes and details from paragraphs as we read. I have just been informed by the test coordinator that Grade 6 will take the FSA on paper this year and not on computer. WE will also take the FSA writing on paper. So, it is important to be able to take good notes, decipher what you read and pick out the salient details! WE did not get all the way thru the short story as I broke it down by paragraphs, but we will complete on another day. 

Homework due tomorrow is to bring in your Springboard text and I need a baby picture of you at age 2 years and under please. The pictures will not be harmed. Thanks! I need them for a project. Please make sure to bring yours in asap but by Friday at the latest! 

Those of you who were absent must make up the exams missed and especially the iReady mid-year diagnostic tests! See me asap to schedule the make-up!

Only 7 more days... Hang in there and work hard! Stay warm tonight! 

12 December 2018: Congrats to the following winners of the Florida Council on Economic Education Calendar contest. Quinn M., Mia R., and Zlata B., are three of the top 12 state winners who conveyed an economic concept thru their artwork! Well done and prizes are headed our way for you! 

In class today students are completing the note-taking on A Christmas Memory by Truman Capote and working on the Springboard text evidence for pages 88-92 on Marketing and Advertising to kids. This material is geared to the upcoming Explanatory and Argumentative writing training for the FSA next semester. WE will complete in class before we leave on Dec. 20. I will also be preparing information for those students who will be required to do the iReady lessons weekly for 45 minutes because they did not score above grade level on the mid-year diagnostic. Get prepared to work hard on this as we monitor it from here and you will be doing it at home. You must boost your level of performance. If I get them all completed before Winter break, I will supply you with the results and you can work some over break! Several of you have not completed the iReady tests and must do so this week. I will be sending you to Mrs. Hollar to do the testing. 

13 December 2018: In class today students completed the SCOPE activity to rewrite "Pool of Snow Monkeys" on pages 28-29. The use of descriptive writing skills and creativity for this work encompasses the recent adjective and adverb unit as well as use of literary elements for six major rewrites. Homework is to typed in MLA format-no heading just the title and jazzy title underneath in parenthesis. Get your entry form filled out and signed in ink by parents and return typed, entry and rough copy from class tomorrow. Due on Monday Dec. 17 is the typed two paragraph response the MATCH question: "How do you show you care?" Put an MLA heading on this work as I will be giving it to the MATCH editors as they will be selecting best work for February 2019 issue of the MACTCH--the Valentine issue! 

Please bring in your baby picture tomorrow as that is the due date. I need one of you only at age two years or under! Thanks! 

We are five days and counting as Quarter 2 comes to a close on Dec. 20! On Wednesday Dec. 19 is the video viewing and refreshments day! Do not forget to bring in your donations either the day before if non-perishable. Remember I do have a refrigerator, but keep drinks cold before you bring in. NO one wants to drink hot soda. Thanks! \

14 Secember 2018: TGIF and four more days to go until Winter Break! We have so much to accomplish before we end the year and quarter. This morning we had the county wide LOCKDOWN DRILL to establish the new safety procedures with hopes that we never need to use them! In class students are working to complete the class work assignments in SCOPE, Springboard and A Christmas Memory Short Story. Notes were checked in class for CMemory! '

Homework for Monday is to complete the two paragraph response to the MATCH prompt for their February issue: " How do you show people you care?" Your paper must be typed with MLA Heading and prompt centered. INdent paragraphs from margin in size 12 Times or Times new Roman font only! Thanks. Refer to your MLA hand-out on how to type work correctly. Rough draft and typed copy are both due on Monday. Those of you who did not bring in a baby picture of yourself at age 2 or under, please do so on Monday as they were due today!!!!

Have a good weekend!  Dec. 19 is the video and refreshments day. That is Wednesday next week so get your donations ready! Thanks!