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Welcome Sixth Graders!

21 March 2018: In class today students worked to complete the Synthesis skill builder for the paired text reading assignment. I walked the students through how to annotate the details to construct the paragraphs about what they read. This is a skill that needs work. The remaining work will be completed tonight for homework. Two days to go...

20 March 2018: In class today students completed the assessment for "Blood, Smoke and Freedom" and turned in the Joseph letter which was a long-term assignment. Remaining time was allocated for completing literary elements skill work for "Into the Deep." Journals for Tangerine must be completed in class by Friday. 

19 March 2018: I hope you all had a pleasant day off on Friday and enjoyed St. Patrick's day as well. This last week will be a very busy one in class and doing home assignments as well. Some of you did not turn in overdue library books and despite many reminders, the books are still missing. Please return at once or prepare to pay for the lost books! Be responsible please. AS we prepare for the upcoming FSA Reading assessment is April on the 16 and 17, much work on reading skills will be done in the classroom. Students will focus on non-fiction material as well as use of all literary elements. 

15 March 2018: WE survived the time change and the cool temperatures this four day week, now you have a day off as teachers attend a Professional Day of work and in-service for Visible Learning! Enjoy sleeping in! In class pop quiz on Tangerine and some of you need to reread the material or read it period. I am dismayed by the lack of knowledge of your reading assignment. Due on Monday is the completion of the reading of Part 3. Last day for Elective Course Selections- your cards must be turned in on time! One more week and we are on to Spring Break! Yahoo, I know we are all ready for a week of fun and of course some chocolate bunnies for Easter! Have a good weekend!


12 March 2018: Tomorrow is the last day of Quarter 3. Many of you still have not returned your Elective course selection material to Period 9 teacher. Take care of it as it is due on March 15! No school on Friday as it is a Professional Day. It is your responsibility to check the website daily. I will be posting assignments here as I many not have work back from Production to post on board. See the homework page. In class today, students completed 8 questions of the " Blood, Smoke and Freedom" non-fiction narrative story in SCOPE. A pop quiz revealed who is not reading the assignment in Tangerine. You need to turn that around!

9 March 2018: Happy Friday and don't forget to set your clocks to Spring forward this weekend! A whole lot of shakin will be going on tonight at the Middle School Day! After a busy week of assessments that are now all behind us, you should go and have a fun time! Make sure you have your updated Poem on Monday and have completed reading thru Part 2 of Tangerine! Four days next week will focus on new SCOPE work and Tangerine. Remember that Friday is a Professional Day. No school for you. Quarter 4 starts on Weds. March 14! One to go guys! Thanks for a good week and for your best effort on the FSA and End of Year Vocabulary Book test! 

8 March 2018: Day 1 of the Vocabulary book test for mastery is done and one to go! Remember that your vocabulary book must be turned in tomorrow. Thanks to all of you who have donated for a Remember the 17 wristband. There is still time to get one. Check the homework page for what is due on Monday March 12. Get those Elective selection forms in asap as the deadline is March 15. No school on March 16 for you as Qtr. 3 ends. One more to go! New issue of SCOPE distributed today and we will be focused on improving your reading comprehension skills as the state FSA Reading test is coming up in April.  You will also be completing the end of year iReady test. 

7 March 2018: Thanks to all of you for putting forth your best effort on the FSA Writing test yesterday. Remember you are not to discuss this test at all with anyone! In class today students composed letters of condolence and support for Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School. They are due typed as per handout directions and back tomorrow along with the rough draft for the classwork grade. Tomorrow and Friday we complete the Vocabulary component of the curriculum by taking the book test. Vocabulary books are leased and returned on Friday! Middle school dance is Friday night so get your tickets to Under the Sea on the auditorium steps for $5 in advance and $8 at the door! Qtr. 3 ends March 13! Thank you parents for your support of the Wristbands in remembrance of MSD, they are slated to arrive today! 

5 March 2018: I love these cooler mornings we are having! This week is a busy one as we have the FSA Writing test tomorrow during periods 5-7. Students will be dismissed to lunch a few minutes into their regular lunch period. NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES of any kind will be permitted in the classroom. Giving or receiving any information about the test is a violation of the state rules and academic dishonesty. Economic Posters were due today and some really good ones are headed to Tampa for judging! I hope someone's work will be hanging in the Capital Bldg. in Tallahassee in April which is Financial Literacy Month! WE spent time reviewing all of the required components for either type of writing prompt that make come up tomorrow when test books are opened! We have spent months preparing and reviewing and writing. Now it is up to the students to execute what they know! Vocabulary Book tests later this week, I hope you have been reviewing! I will be sending home letters about the upcoming support activity for Majorie Stoneman Douglas school. I have ordered special wrist bands available for a $3 donation and we will be writing individual letters of condolence and support which I will have bound into a book to send to the Principal of the school. It is our way of showing support! Tonight you need to get a good night's rest, eat a good breakfast and go to period 5 prepared to show your writing ability! You can do this! I am proud of your hard work to become stronger writers! 

BIG NEWS: Our own Hayley P. had her quote for Embracing our Differences selected as BEST in SHOW which wins a $1000 prize! Way to go Hayley! Amazing girl! So proud of you...

Good luck tomorrow to all of you! 

2 March 2018: New month and the countdown is on for Spring Break! Students took their Vocabulary 15 test today. Next week is the End of book tests on Thursday and Friday and the book must be returned on Friday as per Course Expectations. The book is considered a lease so it must come back. Thanks! Due today was the Barnes and Noble Favorite Teacher Essay contest entries. This was not required, it was a choice to submit. I just pack and Ms. Fair drops off. Good luck to all who took time to honor a teacher. We do appreciate it! Reading of Part 2 of Tangerine begins today and is due completed on Monday March 12. Students will be working on the novel skill set activities in class in both Journal and Springboard text.  FSA Writing Test is Tuesday March 6. No electronic devices of any kind will be permitted in the rooms for the Period 5 and 6 testing. Students will be dismissed to lunch from the testing room. Scholastic book orders for March are available and must be returned on Monday March 5 if you want to order. Some really good reads. The stronger the reader, the stronger the writer! Middle School Dance is now set for March 9, so get your tickets early! Thank you for a good week as we prepare for the assessments ahead! 

28 February 2018: Goodbye February! I hope March comes in like a lamb! Day 2 of Mock FSA. Teachers participated in FSA Writing PBT training today to get all of the state updates.  Students will take the state test in their 5th period class for two periods next Tuesday March 6. NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES of any kind will be permitted in the classroom. Everything will be provided to the student so no supplies are necessary! WE will review again on Monday March 5, but I know that my students are well prepared. They have to execute by writing to the prompt they receive. 

27 February 2018- DAY 1 of MOCK FSA Writing assessment for Explanatory essay writing. Tomorrow you will finish your essay in class during the class period. You will have 2 periods for the test back to back next week on March 6. More details to come following our meeting with test coordinator tomorrow. 

CONGRATS to the winners of the ELKS Americanism Essay contest: 1st place: Forest Yeh, 2nd place: Lillian McSpadden and 3rd place: Addy Domain! We won all three places and that is amazing! Super job to my great writers! They will be honored with a luncheon and checks on March 24 at the Elks' Lodge in Sarasota! 

27 February 2018: In class today students had DAY 1 of the FSA Mock Writing test for Explanatory essay writing. Day 2 tomorrow. Teachers will be meeting with the test coordinator tomorrow on our plan and we will be informing students about procedures for next week's test day of Tuesday March 6, 2018. 

26 Feruary 2018: In class today students turned their Original Short Story Submissions and entry forms. This writing project was given over a month ago with details for submission today. I must say that it is very disheartening to get poorly and incorrectly executed work with instruction and a schematic and website reminders provided. This is the thrid quarter of school so you must be responsible. Tomorrow is your MOCK FSA for Explanatory essay assessment. Please come prepared with pencils and paper. Thanks! Annotations for Vocabulary Unit 15 given in class and the test is Friday. Make sure you are reviewing for the book test next week. 

23 February 2018: Happy Friday gang- this four day week was super busy even though you had a long time to complete assignments, I am still seeing late work or poorly executed work. That is not excellence. Turn it around the third quarter is ending March 13. Next week we complete the FSA MOCK Writing test for Explanatory essay work on Tuesday and Wednesday. Vocab.Unti 15 is Friday. The end of book test is coming so I would be reviewing the units! Have a good weekend and congrats to Lillian S. for submitting an amazing 3000 word short story that is a WOW! Your hard work and effort is evident! 

22 February 2018: Today in class, students proof read and edited original short stories for the National Short Story contest in SCOPE. The final submission with corrections and signed entry form is due on Monday Feb. 26. If you were missing components today your grade will be impacted. This was a long-term assignmnet that you have had a month to do. No excuses! Third quarter ends March 13. Make sure you come to class prepared each day with required materials. You need your copy of Tangerine tomorrow for an assignment after the vocabulary test. Big NEWS: Congrats to Jacob H. and Addy D. who had their essays selected as winners for SCOPE National essay contest: "What We Saw" Both received a copy of David Liss's book entitled Randoms.  Way to write! There were thousands of entries so this is so great! 

21 February 2018: Day 2 of the MOCK FSA Writing assessment. Students will be doing a second mock assessment next Tuesday and Wednesday Feb. 27 and 28. A reminder to get your Peramathon pledges or money turned in asap. From the office- you are permitted back at the portable classrooms until dismissed. There is no supervision and problems are arising. Ms Fair will not be happy if you continue to disregard the rules. No cell phones in classrooms either. You will not be permitted to have a phone on the day of testing, so leave them at home on March 6. No backpacks with cell phones will enter the c

Congrats to Forest Yeh for winning first place on the Elks Americanism essay that we all submitted in Dec. 2017. Forest will be honored in March at the Elk's Lodge in Sarasota! Well done, we are so very proud of you!

20 February 2018: I hope all of you had a great long weekend and watched some Olympics! Today in class was day 1 of the MOCK FSA writing preparation. We will continue tomorrow. A reminder to parents that we are updating EP( Education plan) documents tomorrow. We are not holding conferences as this is a five minute signage schedule. Short stories are due this week. Middle school dance is Friday night- be sure to get your tickets! 

16 February 2018: Congrats to all who participated in the Peramathon today! Good on you! Who will win the most laps???? A challenging day with the DJ right behind our portable, but the novel Tangerine was distributed and a preview given with the first set of pages read. You are not to read ahead please as there is much work to complete in each section. The book is divided into Three Parts. We are shooting for Part 1 being completed by the last day of Feb. You will get your Journal work and be assigned the work in Springboard to complete so be sure you bring your novel to class each day! Have a good long weekend and enjoy President's day off! FSA MOCK is Tuesday and Wednesday next week. Your short story is due on Thursday for Proof work. Bring it in typed! Word count needed as well!

14 February 2018: Happy Valentine Day to all! What a lovely day and the Secret Tines were so much fun. Thanks for putting in the time and effort to create something special for your classmate. The remaining class time was devoted to completing the in-class Argumentative essay on Texting and Walking. Make sure you have all components. They will go home Friday to be typed and back on Weds. next week. On February 20 and 21 you will take your first FSA MOCK Writing test. Each day you will work to read, make a plan and complete the essay without assistance as you will on March 6 when you take the state test. The following week on Feb. 27 and 28 you will take the Mock for the remaining type of essay. Plan accordingly. Your Short story is due on Feb. 22 for the PROOF and read through in class. I hope you are working on it as you have had a long time and a well written story cannot be done last minute! You will have a vocabulary unit 14 test next week. If you are not participating in the Peramathon on Friday, you will be in a study hall. Please turn in your pledge envelopes asap! Thanks! 

13 February 2018: One more day until the Secret "Tine" reveal. Make sure you come to class with your project done tomorrow! In class today students took the Grammar test for Conjunctions and Interjections! Remaining time was spent doing the Argumentative essay on Texting and Walking from the SCOPE magazine. We have 2 weeks until the FSA, so we will be writing and you need to do the assignments as required! Make sure you have your vocabulary book on Thursday for Unit 14 preview. We are almost finished with vocabulary for the year. New novel begins on Thursday and Friday this week. I will be providing each student with their own copy of the book so they can annotate and complete the reading in a timely manner as assigned. 

12 February 2018: This will be a busy week! Today in class explanatory essays were due, students completed a warm-up review of conjuctions and interjections for the unit test tomorrow. WE are continuing on with work for Argumentative and Explanatory essays as the FSA test is coming March 6. I will be scheduling the MOCK FSA tests by the end of the week. You should have your SECRET TINE ready for Wednesday as assigned. Return your Peramathon pledge sheets asap! Thanks to all who have gotten those in! President's day is Monday Feb. 19 so we will preview Vocabulary unit 14 this Thursday!

9 February 2018: TGIF! Ms. Squires is tired! Thanks for a good week! In class today, students took their Vocabulary unit 13 test, completed the Literary elements assigned on Weds. and most began the in-class Argumentative essay on pages 10-11 in the Scope. We will be working on that in class next we as we will not have not a new unit next week due to the Peramathon on Friday. We will be working in the new novel Tangerine and we have Secret Tines on Weds. and Grammar test on Tuesday on Conjunctions and Interjections! Some of you need to study your rules in workbook. Review skills in class on Monday! It has come to my attention that despite the directive to not share the name of the classmate that you drew for your Secret Tine, too much talk and questioning on "who did you get?" has been rampant. I am really disappointed in your lack of respect and academic honesty. The point of writing the literary tine with original poem was for the reveal on Wednesday to be a surprise. Check yourself! Not a good thing if you choose to violate the directions! 

8 February 2018: In class today we checked the Interjections Grammar homework for accuracy! Students had time to continue the work on Literary elements for the fiction piece "Bearing Up" and "Why do you Dream?" Both pieces will be used in the Explanatory essay due on Monday. Students drew the name of a classmate who will be their "Secret Tine" for Feb. 14 as we celebrate the sweetest day with a touch of literary work--original compositions in the poem format and homemade card for their "tine" SHHH!!! Interjection, it's a secret so do not tell as you will  ruin the whole purpose of having a secret tine to do something special for on Valentine Day! Thanks! A big congratulations to Hayley P. and Dorian C. whose original quotes were selected for the Embracing our Differences International Art and Quote event this spring! Both will be honored at the Ringling Art and Design College in April! Well done. My original quote was also selected, so we will be excited to see our quotes attached to original art work on display in our community this spring. The only 3 from Pine View and only 6th graders selected! WOW!

6 February 2018: In class today students checked the vocabulary skills for unit 13 for accuracy as they prepare for the test on Friday. The Interjections lesson in Grammar concludes the short unit on Conjunctions and Interjections. The testing coordinator will notify us today with the upcoming schedule for testing dates and I will pass on to you asap! Do not forget to get your Peramathon T-shirt and today the pledge sheets were sent home as this is a big fundraiser! Please support the Peramathon! Thanks! Valentine Flower sale continues on the steps of the auditorium each day. Get your roses ordered for Valentine Day!

5 February 2018: How about those EAGLES! What a great Super Bowl! On to a new week and in class checking of the grammar homework from the workbook, annotations for Vocabulary Unit 13, and classwork in grammar text on Coordinating and Correlative conjunctions. It is a graded exercise. Valentine's Day is coming, order your flowers from French Club and get ready for a fun activity we will be doing in class! Details tomorrow! 

2 February 2018: Well, the groundhog saw his shadow I hear, so I hope that means we will enjoy more cool weather before the baking hot days return. Big Super Bowl weekend- GO EAGLES! In class today, students had their Vocabulary Unit Review test for 10-12, worked to complete missing in action classwork and wrapped up the week! Homework on conjunctions was checked and more practice is needed--see homework assignment if you did not copy the board as directed! Have a good weekend!

1 February 2018: The sweetest month has arrived! In class today, verb quiz, introduction to Grammar unit on Conjunctions! Mr. Lenerz and students visited the last 10 minutes of class to speak to students about 7th grade journalism class opportunities next year during specials. It is a great opportunity! Our own Jake Turner will be featured in the upcoming issue of the Match! Yahoo! Get ready for Peramathon- Feb. 16 is coming and you want to have your shirts and pledges. Our own Mrs. Mankovich ( Dahlia's mom) is once again working hard to head up this event. Volunteers needed so contact her or the office on how to help! Thanks Mrs. Markovich for all you do for students and Pine View! You are the BEST!

31 January 2018: Good-bye January! In class today, students worked on applying the FSA Writing Rubric to their Argumentative essays. Peer reads and edits were completed. We have much to accomplish on this upcoming test. I will be posting the MOCK FSA Writing test days later on in the month. Students should be working on their original Short Stories for the SCOPE national short story contest judged by Gordan Korman this year! Pretty exciting to know such an accomplished writer will be reading our work! Vocabulary unit test on Friday, you should be studying! Congrats and thanks to the following BLUE Team representatives for last night's PV Perspective: Jake, Dahlia, Jade and Nemmo! So proud of you!

29 January 2018: Three more days of January, the time is flying by! Today in class the Explanatory essays assigned last week were due. Students spent time reading, editing and evauating the work of a peer. A rubric grade was determined based on the state FSA scoring data. Greek myth test tomorrow and Vocabulary units 10-12 review test on Friday. This week on Weds we will do the same evauative tasks for the Argument essay due the week I had the flu. We are playing catch-up! I am handing out the Short Story materials tomorrow that will be due at the end of the month for the SCOPE Short Story contest. Valentine day is coming so expect we will do a sweet activity to celebrated Mrs. Squires' favorite day!

26 January 2018: In class assessment for Vocbaulary unit 12 and remaining time to complete all missing in action work from this week and last. Peramathon information and T-shirt orders went home today. Order your shirt early and save a bit of money. They look good this year! Please be sure to give the blue and gold sheets to parents about the upcoming Peramathon on Feb. 16. I know some of you are runners so blue team needs to rock this! Make sure you have your rough hand-written draft of the Explanatory essay and typed copy on Monday. Have a good weekend! Love you guys!

24 January 2018: In class today students completed the Vocabulary units 10-12 review skills on pages 156-163. Missing in Action time was allocated to complete class work by those who had not done the following: Literary analysis on pages 825-826 in the Literature text on the three Greek Myths. The Lazy Editor is also required work on pages 28-29 in the current SCOPE issue. Essay on Explanatory Writing is due on Monday. Book orders from SCHOLASTIC are due on Friday. Some good items in the Feb. order. Dr. Covert is sending home a letter re: FLU EPIDEMIC via all students. It was distributed in home room. Make sure your child provides that information to you. Thanks! 

22 January 2018: Back to business for me and my students. Thanks for all of the good wishes and kind concern for me while I was out with the flu last week. It was terrible and I have not been that sick ever! Mrs. Chan did a great job and was a life saver to lessen my stress and make sure my students continued on the path of excellence. I appreciate all of you very much! Today we are back on the routine with new vocabulary lesson and winding up some skill work on Greek myths begun last week in class. There will be an assessment on those myths next week. 

11 January 2018: In class today, students completed and checked the Escape from Alcatraz skills as the reading comprehension test is tomorrow. I distributed the state Writing test rubric which we will use next week for the Argumentative Essay work. Students read the "Finders- Keepers" argument pieces on pages 26-27 in class and we reviewed and collectively answered the important components for the upcoming essay due next Thursday. 

10 January 2018: In class today students checked grammar to determine mastery of prepositions and adverbs, worked to complete the non-fiction skills for Escape from Alcatraz. A lively discussion followed. The entry form for the orginal poems were distributed and are due back on Friday with the typed poem already posted on website.  On Friday our school will have extended period during Period 3 to address the PV Policy against bullying including cyberbullying of anyone. Students will take a pledge against such practices as well. They will then return to Period 4 specials class. Monday is a holiday as we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Day. 

9 January 2018: In class today, students checked vocabulary unit 11 skills for completion and accuracy. Grammar lesson focused on Prepositions as we move to the next units. Make sure you check the website for homework assignments and due dates. They are posted daily in class on agenda board and it is your responsibility to copy them upon entry to class. Thanks! 

8 January 2018: OOH BABY IT'S 2018! The cutest baby pictures are displayed on my bulletin board. Thanks for sending them in! Now you know what they were for and it is a nice surprise to see you looking at your classmates when they were adorable babes! As we begin the new year and new quarter, I hope you will make a concerted effort to be diligent with completing work on time and as directed, studying for tests and competing class work in a timely manner. The material is the same format, just new topics. You will have a busy month as we prepare for state writing test in February, begin a new novel and continue on our goal to master literary elements for both fiction and non-fiction reading. Let's make it a good second semester! 

21 December 2017: Happy last day of quarter 2 and the first day of winter! What a busy and fun week. Thanks to all who brought in refreshments for the viewing of Miracle at Moreaux. We completed the final missing in action work as we prepare to end the first half of the year. Do not forget to bring your Vocabulary book on Jan. 8, 2018! The first week back will be busy with much on our schedule as map our journey to the state writing assessment and begin a new novel and work in Springboard on Economics lessons. Have a wonderful break and I look forward to seeing all of you next year! Be good to someone this holiday season, there are so many people in need. Thanks again for your sweet cards, and lovely and thoughtful gifts! I am overwhelmed by yout kindness. Cheers to 2018! Love to all, Mrs. Squires

19 December 2017: Day 2 of iReady testing and to recover our holiday excitement, tomorrow is Open House treats and a movie. Make sure to bring in your goody donation that you signed up for last week. I will put all items out for a buffet style selection while you enjoy a wonderful video that connects our Reading focus on Choices. If you were absent on either of the iready test dates, you must make it up asap. I will do my best to get you in a lab to complete before you leave here on Thursday. WE have a tight testing window to complete. Periods 5 and 6 you must complete the Embracing our Differences work this week as well. I will be moving the room and providing you with materials that we will be using upon return. Two days to go...

Congrats to Gwen Hazel and Sonee Patel - 2 of the 12 state winners for the Economics Calendar Contest. Way to go girls! So proud of you. 

Thanks for the lovely cards and gifts that I have been receiving this week. How kind of you to remember me! I am so grateful and touched by your kindness and thoughtful selections! Love, love, love you all!

15 December 2017: Parents- students have signed up to bring in food donations for our holiday event on Weds. Dec. 20 as we view Miracle at Moreaux. We are in iReady testing on Monday and Tuesday and this is our only opportunity for an Open House of goodies to share before we end the year. On the 21st we will be completing missing work and beginning a project due in January. I am grading non-stop and am also doing EP ( Education Plan ) updates. If your child is on my caseload, please fill out the INPUT form and your child fills out one page of it and return it to me on Monday Dec. 18th. Thanks! It is a lot of work, so I need the materials promptly. We just got the information yesterday at our meeting during my plan period.  I think Santa needs to replenish some school supplies: pencils, black ink pens and notebook paper are required materials and are needed. I cannot supply this daily as the students have usurped my supply. Thanks! Let's start Jan. 2018 prepared as we will be writing, writing, writing as we prepare for the FSA State writing assessment!  Have a good weekend! 

13 December 2017: Happy Hanukkah to all who are celebrating! In class today students worked to complete the Core Skill workout for paired text on Changemakers. Forging ahead with work in class on Poetry for the What I am Made of piece on page 32 of SCOPE. We will work on rough drafts using the poetry template provided and I will be submitting them to the national competition. In the remaining days of the last quarter: IReady midyear testing is Dec. 18 and 19 in Lab 167 in Bldg 16. Students will not report to class, rather directly to testing. Be on time. Thanks! Big news: Congrats to Amaana Quadir whose DAR essay is the winner for grade 6. So proud! The work was well researched and well written! Blue Team salutes your outstanding accomplishment! 

11 December 2017: This lovely chilly day had us taking the Day 2 Midterm exam on the novel : Paperboy. Time was allocated after the test to work on the Core Skills for the new SCOPE story: "The Fight for What is Right" and " How to Be a Changemaker." Busy days ahead so check the website, copy the agenda board daily and be kind to each other. Tis the season... No grumpy elves allowed in #67. 


8 December 2017: TGIF as I try to get out from being buried under so many assessments and assignments to grade-- tis the season. In class today students took their Day 1 midterm which is Vocab. Units 7-9. Following the test, students worked on the assigned reading is SCOPE on pages 16-23. Students will be working on the Literary skills in class next week. Mid-term day 2 is Monday and that is your novel test on Paperboy! Have a good weekend! Enjoy the cooler temperatures, I know I will...

7 December 2017: Congrats to my Students of the Month: Lily W., Cole H.,

Serafina G., Hayley P., Monnica H., Isabella K., Marco R., Dorian C., and Victoria L. Way to go! I am so proud of you all. In class today, students completed the Diagnostic test for Interjections and Conjuctions. We will be beginning this grammar unit going forward. Also in class students were to complete their in-class essays that we have been working on for several class periods. They are due typed and with the rough copy next Tuesday. Thanks to Oliver B. for bringing in more donations for the Venezuela drive. Great job! One more day this week...9 to go! Vocabulary unit 7-9 test tomorrow on Day 1 of Mid-terms for ELA! I have news- we have a winner for the DAR essay contest! The amazing writer will be revealed soon...

6 December 2017: We have 11 busy days to go... In class today, students took the Preposition Diagnostic test as we move to the next part of speech in the Grammar test. Work continues to focus on in-class writing to complete two essays by tomorrow for peer editing and checking. They must be typed and back on Tuesday Dec. 13 along with entry form signed by parent. Mid-terms start Friday and finish on Monday for ELA.  Tomorrow is the final day to bring in donations for the PV to VE collection. Thanks to all of you who have contributed. 

4 December 2017: We have 14 busy days until Quarter 2 ends and you head out for the Winter Break. Tonight I need both video permission forms signed and a baby picture of you under the age of two years. Thanks! Both due tomorrow! In class today a test prep on Adjectives and Adverbs given as your unit test it tomorrow. Remaining time to work on Elks Essay and Scope essay on page 27. Both must be completed in class and checked by end of period on Thursday Dec. 7. They will go home for typing that night. 

Don't forget donations for Venezuela. All must be in by Dec. 7th! Thanks for helping out with this humanitarian cause. 

1 December 2017: Deck the Halls, Y'all! We are in a new month and counting it down to the holiday season and end of Quarter 2. In class today, DAR essays turned in and Unit 10 Vocabulary test assessed student mastery. Grammar review skills on Adverbs prepped the upcoming test on Tuesday. Study your workbook for key concepts and practice! Have a great weekend! Thanks for a good week of work!

30 November 2017: Goodbye to the month of November and hurricane season! In class today, we checked grammar homework, and worked to complete the journal assignment for Paperboy and/or the essay work in SCOPE. Due tomorrow is your DAR essay and Unit 10 test. You need to study for Grammar unit test on Tuesday next week. Please donate to the Venezuela project sponsored by Jade Goyette who is a junior and a member of Peace Jam here at Pine View. She presented in all class periods yesterday and we need: tolietries, food that is non-perishable like beans, rice, canned goods, paper products, wipes, paper towels, toliet paper etc, medical supplies like band-aids, gauze, and anything that can help the citizens in need. There is a collection box in the classroom. Thanks to Peyton for being the first student to contribute! Deadline is Dec. 7th. 

29 November 2017: IN class today we learned how adverbs make language more specific. Skills for the final component of the Adjective/Adverb unit will review for Unit test on Tuesday Dec. 5.  Flu Shots today! Peramathon T-Shirt designs are due in the office! We will be writing, writing, writing as we head to the end of the quarter and upon return as we prepare for the FSA Writing test. You have come a long way! I am proud of the improvement I am seeing.  You are going to rock this test this year!  We have iReady testing on Dec. 18 and 19 in Lab 167. I just got the mid-year evaluation information. Please plan to come to Bldg. 16 Lab 167 instead of the classroom on those testing dates! 

28 November 2017: WE are in the final days of November heading to the end of quarter 2 on Dec. 21, 2017! WE have a lot to accomplish so stay current and complete the tasks that have been assigned for weeks!  In class today students worked on Demonstrative Adjectives, checked the vocabulary skills for accuracy and worked on the SCOPE essay on page 27 of the magazine on the article we just read: What We Saw. The work will be completed in class and taken home to type. I distributed the ELKS Americanism essay that we will write in class and remember ELA mid-term exams start next Friday Dec. 8. That is been posted for some time. Your DAR essay is due this Friday! 

Picture Retakes were today in the TEL studio. Tomorrow is the FLu Shot day so make sure you have the form turned in if you plan to get your shot! Please do this- none of us want the FLU! Thanks! 

17 November 2017: Have a great weekend! Those of you who are traveling, be safe! If you did not make up the Vocabulary unit 9 test prior to being out today, you must do it on Nov. 27. In class today following the test students read Pages 116-120 in Springboard. Do not answer the questions, just get the reading done. If you were absent or did not come to class prepared with your book do it at home! On Monday your Economics Concept project is due. Read and follow directions carefully. We will be working in Nov. SCOPE reading the story " What we Saw" and if you are out, read it on-line as you have the code. There is a classwork skill packet of literary elements to complete as well. Students will be attending a performance of Julius Cesar on Monday during specials. Do not forget that Picture retake day is Nov. 28. Your school pictures were distributed today and if you were out, you will get them when you return. Some cuties! Have a blessed Thanksgiving everyone. I am thankful for all of you! 

16 November 2017: Well, yesterday was quite a day without computer and internet services. I am playing catch-up for many things as a result. Boy are we too dependent on technology. Yesterday students completed review skills for Vocabulary Unit 7-9 in class. We checked the homework for accuracy as your test is tomorrow. Parents--please read carefully the two documents coming home with your children re: FLU SHOTS. They can be provided here for FREE! Just fill out and return the paperwork. WE thank you for that! If you are traveling next week, be safe as the weather forecasts across the country look to be challenging. Check the website for any work assigned. I have tried to provide all in advance so work is expected upon return. Those of you missing Friday who have already produced a passport- great. Thanks for following the procedure to get the vocabulary test done in advance. Upon return we will be previewing Unit 10.

In class today, we began the work in Springboard using Text Features and Informational texts leading to Explanatory writing and citing text evidence. Students will be working thru that unit and bringing the text to class is mandatory. No excuses! The Economics Calendar Project was distributed and due on Monday. Art paper was also provided. This exercise goes with the unit in Springboard.  Quality work is expected. Follow the directions on the hand-out. It was all reviewed in class. 

14 November 2017: In class homework check on Grammar rules for skill set: Adjectives. Work continues on Adjectives and if you are not getting them all right, use the workbook and practice the exercises not assigned. You must learn the rules to apply to skill work- it is on you to study. Vocabulary Unit 9 test is Friday, study every night for mastery!  Work in class on Paperboy tomorrow to get the journals finished. Nov. 30 is coming and it must be finished in class. Thanks!

13 November 2017: Six school days and counting until Thanksgiving break! In class today students did annotations in the Vocabulary book for unit 9 and we began the Grammar unit on Adjectives and Adverbs with a skill set focus on: recognizing adjective, understanding word order for use of adjectives with nouns and definite and indefinite articles which are adjectives by the way! Students had a practice work on this and work book assignment for tonight! 

10 November 2017: Veterans Day program at PV gave us a chance to honor our beloved veterans and cheer them into the Gym for the special event. Please remember to honor our servicemen and women this Saturday and every day! Thanks! In class today Vocabulary Unit 8 test. If you were absent, plan to make it up on Monday at lunch. Work to complete the Paperboy assignment was allocated following the test.  Thanksgiving break is coming- seven more days until we eat turkey! 

9 November 2017: In class work today consisted of checking the skill work for Paired Text reading in SCOPE assigned on Monday. Students must demonstrate mastery of finding and using text evidence, close reading and critical thinking. An unannounced reading comprehension assessment was given and remaining time was spent working on journals to complete the Paperboy assignment. You should begin the research on the DAR essay and take the time to make notes. This is a big test/project grade and research is part of the standards of learning that you must demonstrate mastery for. Do not wait and waste time as you cannot complete this type of work the weekend before. 

8 November 2017: In class work today to complete the Argumentative essay begun in class yesterday. Students are working to learn the skill of a five paragraph essay that must contain the required elements of the argument essay. Their topic is: Should Fidget Spinners be Allowed in Schools?  The DAR Research Essay materials were distributed today and the due date is Dec 1st.  We participate in this research writing contest each year. I provided sources, and title page set-up along with the DAR essay prompt and information from the chapter. It is the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I so this is a perfect topic to research. WE also have a story in SCOPE on World War I.  Make sure to get your Passport request in if you are planning to be out before Thanksgiving Break as work is assigned and posted tests will need to be taken prior to your absent days. After Thanksgiving we go very fast with assessments as exam schedules are posted. Quarter 2 ends Dec. 21st. English exam dates are Dec. 8 and 11. More to come on that.

6 November 2017: In class today students annotated their new terms in Unit 8 Vocabulary. We reviewed the homework beginning with the SCAVENGER HUNT for supporting details to write Argument essays. Book orders for November were distributed and are due on Weds. One Check to Scholastic/or cash and I write a check for class for any and all orders. You do not need to write a separate check for each club order. Tomorrow in class, students will begin to write their rough draft of the Argument essay on Fidget Spinners. Make sure you copy the homework off the agenda board daily as that is your responsibility. 

3 November 2017: TGIF- what a week of treats and sweets! WE are now counting it down to Thanksgiving break and if you are planning to be out of school, you must get the Passport request in asap. We will be doing work on Nov. 20 and 21 prior to break as they are regular school days. Our break begins on Nov. 22-24, and you will be responsible for it. Missing test dates? Take in advance. WE are moving faster now, and there will be more assignments at home and at school. You will take home your Poe Projects on Monday. I will announce the Creativity Awards next week and snap some shots of you wearing your ties and fascinators. In class formative assessment in Grammar on Adjectives and adverbs. We begin that grammar unit next.  Have a great weekend! 

1 November 2017:  Here we go entering a new month and don't forget the time change this weekend! In class work to complete The Black Cat objective summary from Monday and work continues on Paperboy. New journal questions for chapters 7-15 were distributed along with the upcoming essay requirements. I will provide a due date later this week as you must finish reading the novel before you can begin to write about it. Journal work continues to focus on TLQ responses and writing grammatically correct sentences. I am working diligently on the grading process for the Poe Projects and remember you had a month to do them, I need longer than one day to grade. Be respectful of that please. I would remind you to review the MLA handout provided to you in August to use when typing all work for class. I still see that too many are not even putting the heading on work correctly and that is always points deducted as per course expectations. No work will be accepted via email as established in the Course Expectations either. I can barely print what we need, you must be responsible for computer issues and take care of that in Media. Do not wait until the last minute on assignments. Thanks! 

31 October 2017: Let it Poe, Let it Poe! What a great day to do presentations on a month long project about the great writer: Edgar Allan Poe. Treats and sweets abound! I was pleased to see amazing work and effort by many and unfortunately less that acceptable work by too many. You are in Middle School now, excellence is the name of the game. Be prepared to return to work to finish Paperboy tomorrow so do not stay out too late tonight. You received collection bags for UNICEF today so if you are able to trick-or treat for UNICEF, it is a worthwhile cause. Or you can just donate money and return it to school to be picked up tomorrow. Thanks! Be safe tonight.

30 October 2017: In class today students read the short story: The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe. An objective summary was class work for the piece. Making up missed work and tests is your responsibility, so when you are out remember that you make up upon return. All Friday Vocab. tests will be made up the following Monday during lunch or at another time convenient to the teacher. A reminder tomorrow your Poe Project is due. You had a month to complete so I am expecting to see projects that reflect excellence.

25 October 2017: VFW essays due today and I was so pleased to see the effort that put forth on many of your essays. Those of you who did not follow the directions and required format for the work will see that your grade reflects that. You were provided with the MLA handout in August to keep at home to assist you with the exact way that works must be completed. I am not seeing that. A reminder that school pictures are tomorrow- bring your order form as you will be going by alpha order with a photo card and you will present your order form then. WE have assigned times and cameras and I have made you aware of whether your class period reports to #67 or directly to the auditorium due the schedule and time it takes to get there from our room. Please follow that directive tomorrow! Thanks!  Your job is to come to class prepared with materials and work assigned. You must copy the HOMEWORK agenda board each day and check the website for updates and information. I am seeing on a daily basis that too many of you are not being responsible. You are only hurting yourself and your grades. WE are in the second quarter of school, get on board and improve your mindset! 

24 October 2017:  Today we checked the Vocabulary Unit 7 homework for accuracy as you prepare for the test on Friday. Unit 4,5,6 Review Test and remaining time to read in Paperboy Chapters 7-10. Those of you who are not coming to class prepared need to turn that around. When you have an assignment--do it. I should not need to document your agenda for coming unprepared as your parents are trusting you to be responsible. A reminder that giving or receiving any information on material is a violation of academic honesty and that is not acceptable. School Pictures on Thursday. Retakes if you are absent will be in the Tel Studio on Nov. 28.

23 October 2017: In class today students did annotations in the Vocabulary book for unit 7 terms. Reading comprehension assessment on The Monsters are Due on Maple Street was administered. See homework page for tonight's and week's assignments! Do not forget that Picture day is this Thursday in the auditorium during L.Arts class periods. More directions to come on that and be sure to bring in your order form to turn in at the appointed time. You will be giving the order to the photographer or assistant not to me. Thanks. If you lost the order form, go to the office and get one. I do not have them. Poe Day project is coming on Oct. 31 and you had the entire month to prepare so I am expecting to see products of excellence. You will be presenting the project. 

19 October 2017: In class today, students were provided with the VFW Patriot Pen essay information, a sample of the national winner's essay from last year and annotations on what to note. Students also had extra time to finish the 7 Review and Assess questions from the literature book teleplay: The Monsters are due on Maple Street. I have moved the Reading comprehension test on this material to Monday as we will view the short teleplay in class tomorrow and go over all of the answers and skill work for this piece. A reminder to be busy on your POE project as Oct. 31 will be here soon! Thanks! Congrats to our Adrienne Johnson who was chosen for the 212 degrees Wall of Fame for her Astronomers without Borders project to collect solar glasses to donate to students in Asia and South America who will have the opportunity to view a solar eclipse in 2019. If you have not donated your pair of solar glasses, please do help out this worthy cause. It was my joy to nominate Adrienne for this award and Blue team is so proud of her service to others! Way to go Adrienne! 

18 October 2017: In class today, students checked the vocabulary skills for the Review of units 4,5, and 6. Remember the Unit test is next Tuesday Oct. 24. Students are reading the teleplay by Rod Serling: "The Monsters are Due on Maple Street." Review and assess questions will be done in class as part of the reading comprehension skill work. I will be handing out the first major essay assignment which is the VFW Patriot Pen essay. It will be due on Wednesday Oct. 25. I will be going over the prompt and what is expected. You will be using the correct MLA format when typing the essay. 

17 October 2017: Here we go into Quarter 2. Time is flying by. I hope all of you had a great long weekend and are ready to get busy this week. I have good news: I was selected as the Florida Council of Teachers of English Teacher of the Year! I was so honored and it was a very nice event! Thanks for your good wishes and wonderful support! I am so grateful! 

In class today, two reading comprehension tests and missing work from Friday to be completed. The Lazy Editor in SCOPE must be completed today. Those who had completed the assignment began reading the teleplay: " The Monsters are Due on Maple Street " by Rod Serling. WE will be taking a test on this material on Friday Oct. 20. We will reading and discussing and completing Review and Assess skills in class this week.  Be sure to check the homework page for work. Thanks!

12 October 2017: In class today, we checked the classwork on The Monkey's Paw and worked on Journal entries using TLQ format. Remember to document your agenda daily and as we end this quarter look at what you need to improve on as we begin Quarter 2 on Oct. 17. No school on Monday as it is a Professional Day for teachers. I will not be in class tomorrow, my sub Mrs. Crews will execute the plans. I expect a good report when I return. I will be in Marianna, FL for the FCTE conference( Florida Council of Teachers of English. I am a finalist for the Florida English Teacher of the Year award, so think good thoughts for me on Saturday! It is a long haul up there from here, but it should be fun and enlightening as well. Just think of all of those ELA teachers gathered at Chippola College! OH MY GOODNESS! Those of you who already knew about this event and have sent such kind wishes, I thank you very much! I am not getting my hopes up, but you never know! Have a great weekend! Come prepared on Tuesday! 

11 October 2017: In class today, students learned how to do write the TLQ format for journal questions to Paperboy. We are currently working on Chapters 1-6. If you have any missing work, the quarter ends on Friday and it is your responsibility to get it in. Time is running out. School dance for middle school is this Friday night- get your tickets early as they are $5 and at the door $8. It is fun and there will be a "whole lot of shaking going on!"

10 October 2017: Verb Unit test today! NO INTERNET all day so do not expect to see grades posted.  I will get them in as fast as I can. Vocabulary skills checked in class and time after the verb test was allocated for missing in action: reading in Paperboy or skill builders for The Monkey's Paw. If you are behind, you need to visit the media to get a book checked out as we begin journal entries tomorrow. We will be moving faster now as we begin the second quarter so stay current by copying the agenda daily and check the website. That is your responsibility and if you are absent please follow the directive to check the website and do work that you are behind in as quickly as possible. Thanks!

9 October 2017: Happy Monday of the last week of quarter 1. In class preview of Unit 6 Vocabulary, verb work as your unit test is tomorrow. Please keep in mind if you are absent on Friday for the vocabulary test, you must make it up on the following Monday at lunch as per course expectations provided to you in August.  This is a busy week and we try hard to get all of you scheduled that need to make-up work, so be responsible! Thanks! Hope those who attended the PV Fair had a good time, at least it did not rain. In class today I also shared some past POE projects so you could see fascinators and ties created by some past students who donated their work. Remember CREATIVITY is the overreaching goal here after the reading and understanding of the Poe selection! Be sure to copy agenda board daily with posted homework assignments!  See homework on website.


5 October 2017: In class today: Homework check on grammar workbook skill builders for Helping Verbs and the introduction of "The Monkey's Paw" and informational text, " What do you Wish for?" Students read the play adaptation of W.W. Jacobs' horror story of the same name. Literary element is MOOD and Inference. Skill work includes Close Reading questions and Exploring Mood. A reminder that Pine View Fair is this Saturday if you are in the mood to have some good eats, games and fun! Also there are drop-off boxes on campus collecting donations for the victims of hurricanes in Puerto Rico. They need diapers for baby and adult, hand sanitizer, plastic utensils, plates, cups, rice, beans. Do what you can, all is appreciated!  Vocabulary Unit 5 test tomorrow. 

Reminder: School Picture day has been rescheduled for Oct. 26. You will use the order form previously distributed. The pictures will now be taken in the auditorium. Look sharp!

Check homework board daily and copy in the agenda book- that is your responsibility! It is always on the board even if I am out. Quarter 2 begins Oct. 17 and the pace will pick up with more work assigned as we begin writing preparation for argumentative and explanatory essays. 

Thanks to all my supportive parents for returning the parent letters as we prepare for Poe Day on Oct. 31. Thanks for the great notes and wonderful messages for the job I do each day for my students. I truly appreciate your help and generous support!  Have furn at the Fair on Saturday!