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Here is the word- Squires' Stars-

11 October 2018: In class today we completed the Verb unit focusing on HelpingVerbs and Verb phrases. Skill practice in class today reveals that you need to study the concept and rules as well as complete the Grammar homework in Workbook for Monday Oct. 15. 

A reminder that school picture retakes are Oct. 24 and you can obtain information about that from me or the office. Thanks!  New seating in all classs periods today as we near the end of Quarter 1.

Check the homework page for work due tomorrow and Monday. 

12 October 2018: In class today students took the unit 5 vocabulary test and worked on two grammar skill exercises as the VERB unit test is Tuesday. Work due today in class was the Original poem for the What My Name Means exercise done in class for two days, homework to type correctly as directed in MLA format and return along with original today. We are at the end of the first quarter and I must remind you to write MLA headings correctly as that is a 10 point deduction on all work. There is no excuse for not doing it correctly- you have a handout form provided in August, it is posted on the white board in class which has been there since August 13. Your course expectations clearly state the required MLA format and I go over and over directions in class and even drew it on the board. Adjust as we are headed into Quarter 2 and the pace and work picks up so time to demonstrate your above level performance on all work! Thanks!

If you did not score above level on your iReady, you will be doing iReady work weekly for 45 minutes. I will be providing that to those who must be diligent on this requirement. You will be taking a mid-year test to determine growth and in order to improve you must do the additional work. 

School picture retakes are Oct. 24. Tickets for the Middle School dance are available for purchase- the big day will be here soon. 

You should have your short story by POE and be doing research on him to write the What his Name Means poem in class. That work is due on Oct. 24 so you will write your poem in class. Come prepared with research materials on POE!  

Poem redos need to come in on Monday. No new Vocabulary unit next week!  Have a good weekend!

15 October 2018: In class today students completed reveiw exercises in the Grammar text to reinforce the concepts in the VERB unit as the test is tomorrow. Redo of original poems were due as well as homework assigned last week in the Grammar workbook. Examples of the Poe ties and fascinators from previous years were shared to give students an idea only as I want to see original work and creativity designs for this project due on Oct. 30. Those of you who have not read the short story you were assigned need to get it done and complete your research on POE as you will be wriing the POE POEM in class using your template from What my Name Means. That is two weeks away so get busy. This is a big project and three grades. 

16 October 2018: New quarter means a new opportunity to improve your work habits and academic performance. In class today, students were provided homework in SCOPE due on Monday, the Journal questions for Paperboy Chapters 7-15 and they completed the VERB Unit test which is posted on quarter one grades and the final grade of first quarter. Our final posting is due on Friday Oct. 19 which is our Professional day. If you were absent, you must make up the test asap upon return. Thanks! Tomorrow we are writing essays in class that will be typed at home and back on Oct. 24. Parents please read all of the information on the VFW Patriot Pen essay. Such amazing opportunities for my students and all students across the country.  

17 October 2018: In class today students worked on their jot list of ideas and rough draft for the Patriot Pen essay. I was able to review many and will happily read and edit work on Monday if you get your essay written. It is due typed on Weds. Oct. 24. I will take then to the VFW post and deliver them after school that day. Thanks! Please share the information packet with your parents, I gave you two entry forms so you have it for submission. Only one is necessay, however you need to keep up with it so just in case. We are in quarter 2 so we are moving ahead as policies and procedures have been well established and you are expected to follow those directives. If you have not completed the reading in Paperboy, you need to get a copy and finish. I only have a class set. You have journal questions to complete by Oct. 26 in class. 

18 October 2018: Today in class students read the Rod Serling teleplay: The Monsters are Due on Maple Street. We will view this made for tv production later as well as take a reading comprehension test on the material. No school tomorrow for your lucky ducks! Come in prepared for work on Monday with your Vocabalary book and your typed Patriot Pen essay is due on Weds. We worked on that in class yesterday and you should show your parents the information and discuss your plan on what to write! Rough draft and typed copy along with entry form in ink is due on Oct. 25. You need to have your POE research ready as we will start the ODE to POE poems next week. Projects due on Oct. 30. Be well prepared to present and summarize your short story. Enjoy your long weekend! Thanks for a good week!