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Here is the word- Squires' Stars-

7 January 2019: Happy New Year! So glad to see all of you after a much enjoyed break! Getting back into the routine this week is our goal. Today in class we completed annotations and skill work on Vocabulary Unit 10. If you were absent, you need to complete the work independently. The Unit test is Friday Jan. 11. If you score 90% or greater on the upcoming units ( 10, 11, 12) you will not be required to take the Unit Review Test for all three units. So, get busy studying as you need to know the vocabulary. Each unit builds on the previous one. 

Tomorrow I will distribute the new novel which goes with our Springboard text: Tangerine by Edward Bloor. This novel you will keep and use to do the assigned reading as well as journal questions that your novel test will cover. There will be deadlines for completion so you must stay up to date on the work. This book focuses on Choices with is the over reaching theme for our reading units. 

Students attended a special program called: See Something, Say Something today during their specials. Tomorrow all students will sign the Anti- Bullying Pledge sheets which will be returned to Guidance. 

Students who were out prior to Winter Break completed the Preposition Diagnostic as that is our next unit in Grammar. Also those who had completed it wrote a two paragraph and jazzy title entry in their journals about a special memory, gift or experience they had over the holiday. Ala Truman Capote's A Christmas Memory that we read the last week of 2018! 

I need students to come prepared to class with pencils and paper and pens. Get organized, it will help you to be successful. Thanks!

Welcome Charlie L. to period 6, we are happy to have you with us. 

8 January 2019: In class today students were provided their novel: Tangerine and a reading assignment of the first 32 pages. The journal questions were provided and placed in journals to be completed as the students read each assigned section. If you did not complete the reading today in class, you are to finish at home tonight. Thanks! 

At the faculty meeting early this am we were provided with a list of special events planned for next Friday for th 50th Anniversary of PV. So, we will preview unit 11 Vocabulary on Monday Jan. 14 as planned but you will not take the test until Tuesday Jan. 22 as we are off Monday for MLK day. I hate to move it, but half a day will be taken up with special events ending with cake at 7th period lunch! Oh my! Tomorrow we will begin the Grammar unit on Prepositions and hopefullly take the unit test on Friday Jan. 25. It is a short unit and we will cover quickly. 

Congrats to my 13 winners of the national Freedoms Foundation essay contest we participated in last October. I am so proud: Emily F., Sidney B., Bella N., Stephen F., Shaelyn T., Mia W., Lindsey L., Rylee, Morgan H., Alexander J., Anastashia K., Anthony V., Kaylin W. Way to Write! 

9 January 2019: In class today we covered the grammar unit on Prepositions. A class work task was given to practice the skills and homework in the Grammar workbook on pages 33-36 Exercise 1 only each page is due on Friday. Complete it on your paper, do not write in the workbook!  You need to learn the prepositions and how to distinguish it from an adverb rule. Test is Friday Jan. 25. You should have completed the reading of Tangerine thru pages 32. You have journal work in class to complete. Expect to have unannounced knowledge checks on this novel as we go, so do the assignments on time. Study Unit 10 Vocabulary terms as test is Friday and you must earn 90% or greater on all three tests (10,11,12) to be exempt from the Unit Review test. Work hard, I know you can do it! 

10 January 2019: In class today students worked on skills to improve their knowledge of preposition use. Homework tonight is to complete the grammar workbook exercises on your paper for tomorrow. We will check them upon entry and then you will take the Unit 10 Vocabulary test. The second half of the period was allocated for work in journals to answer both vocabulary and questions about pages 1-32. I will making the next assignment for reading and questions tomorrow. 

Congrats to Thomas. Z. and Katherine T. who will be honored tomorrow for their performance on Peramathon day! Way to run guys! So very proud of your accomplishments! One more day and we are headed to the weekend! 

11 January 2018: It is Friday and what a good start to the New Year. Cute baby pictures on the bulletin board and a new novel to delve into. Grammar work on prepositions needs a bit of attention from some of you so be studying your workbook. Just because I don't assigne all exercises doesn't mean you should omit doing them. Work on them and learn the rules for Prepositions! Vocabulary unit 10 test today and if you were absent, you must come in at lunch on Monday to make it up. That is your responsibility, so take care to do it! Thanks! 

You must finish your journal questions for Tuesday Jan 15. All of the reading for Part 1 of Tangerine should be read by Wednesday Jan. 16. Bring your vocabulary book to class on Monday for the Preview work on Unit 11. The test will be Jan. 22 as we have PV 50th Anniversary Activities on Friday Jan. 18! 

Have a great weekend and congrats to Katherine and Thomas who will be recognized at the Peramathon awards today! Great job!

14 January 2019: In class today we annotated and completed the skill work for Vocabulary Unit 11. Remember the test date is Tuesday Jan. 22 after MLK day due to PV 50th anniversary program this Friday we had to postpone. You have no excuse for not scoring 90% or greater with the extra time to prepare. Study! Students were supplied with additional skill set practice on Prepositions to work on in class as we prepare for the Grammar test on Jan. 25. We will be doing the diagnostic on Conjuctions and Interjections this week. 

EP's( Educational Plans) are coming due and we as your teachers have a lot of paperwork to complete for that preparation on your behalf. You were given the student and parent input information last week and it was due today--I did not receive that back from many of you. NOT acceptable, please return to me tomorrow Jan. 15! Thanks! 

15 January 2019: Today your journal questions for pages 1-32 in Tangerine were due. This was begun last week on Jan. 8 and time provided in class to work on them. Normally I do not allow the journal home so you had until today to complete the assignment. All reading for Part 1 of Tangerine is due tomorrow Jan. 16. This has been posted for a week. I will supply you with the next set of journal entry questions tomorrow as well. We will be proceeding with an assignment in Tangerine. Students took the Diagnostic Test for Interjections and Conjunctions in class and worked on Preposition skill builders as the test is next Friday Jan. 25.

On Thursday we have ADVEX activities from 9:30- 11:00 and on Friday we have the PV 50th Anniversary activites following announcements in the Gym and on the fields for the aerial photo. Studnets will have a piece of birthday cake during their lunch! OH MY! We have a long weekend coming up- no school on Monday for Martin Luther King day. Fast week and so much going on! If you are out, you must check the website and make-up missed work by the deadlines! Thanks!

16 January 2019: In class today students completed a knowledge check for the assigned reading in Tangerine! WE checked the prepositions skill work from their packets of 18 items on pages 49 and 52 of the Grammar packet. The new SCOPE reading assignment is on Beauty and Disaster pages 18-25 in the magazine. This is non-ficiton paired text which is what the explanatory essays must convey for the state assessment. Students will be writing an explanatory essay for this work using text evidence. I will providing the reference materials and skill work tomorrow in class. This is not due next week as we have a short week and two assessments. All reading of Part 2 in Tangerine is due on Jan. 28. Please read closely for details. 

Tomorrow is Advex and students will be given a ticket to attend from 9:30-11:00. On Friday is the 50th Anniversary activities from 9:30-11:00. Remaining class periods will continue as scheduled. Wear your buttons and I understand some temporary PV tatoos are going to be distributed tomorrow for wearing on Friday if you choose. GET PV TATTED! :)

17 January 2019: ADVEX today from 9:30-11:00. Students seemed to enjoy the various opportunities they had to try something new. In class work on Paired text reading in SCOPE. Reference materials on non-fiction elements for Text Evidence as well as the skill work for Pages 18-25 Beauty and Disaster and the Informational text is to be completed in class. Students will be completing an Explanatory essay on this work and the Reading Comprehension test is on the articles will be Jan. 25. 

Tomorrow is the 50th Anniversary celebration. Come wearing your tattoo if you choose or just blue and gold for the aerial photograph. Thanks!  Vocabulary unit 11 test is Tuesday Jan. 22. I will not be posting tomorrow. NO School on Monday due to Martin Luther King observance day. Have a great weekend.